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Glass Tile Backsplash

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1–21 of 93 products

These are easier to clean and maintain, of course. But, what more? Well, glass mosaic tiles can make any area stand out because of their intricate patterns and unique designs. Contemporary properties look the best with glass tile backsplashes. But you can even design a classic-themed area with glass tiles, especially lighter shades. Glass is considered environment-friendly, as it can be removed and recycled as and when needed. Further, it is also quite hygienic, as it resists the growth of mold, mildew, and similar organisms. Bathrooms and kitchen areas can appear brighter and bigger with glass tiles on the backsplashes, as these both reflect and refract light.

Why should you choose glass tiles for backsplashes

There are so many varieties of glass tiles that you can install on the backsplashes of the kitchen and bathrooms. From mosaic patterns to solid white/gray designs, you can match the tiles to your preferences and the rest of the interiors. If you are in love with mosaic patterns, the hexagon pattern is the trendiest and most preferred backsplash design. Solid or multicolored, these tiles can give any space an edge in appearance.

Coming to the finish, matte tiles are best for classic, elegant interiors, while glossy ones are more suitable for contemporary kitchens or bathrooms. Then there are other designs, like mist matte glass mosaic, the interlocking pattern, gloss liner blend, and pebble patterns. Each of these is unique and beautiful in its way.

What are the kinds of tiles that you can install on your backsplash?

The answer will be many! There are so many varieties of backsplash tiles available in the market today that it becomes difficult to choose sometimes. The main criteria for backsplash tiles should be their ability to match the rest of the kitchen interiors. As the backsplash forms an aesthetic central point of the kitchen space, it should not look out of place. To make that happen, you have the option to go through the features, qualities, and functionalities of each backsplash tile at our store - Stone Tile Depot.

We have an extensive collection of backsplash tiles, from marble to ceramic and porcelain. We also offer glass backsplash tiles for a contemporary kitchen. Glass tiles are being used frequently these days. Besides being reflective and refractive of light, glass tiles are also incredibly easier to clean and maintain. If you have a cramped kitchen, you may install glass tiles on the backsplash to make it appear bigger and brighter. The glass tiles will help light bounce throughout the space. Also, these tiles are environment-friendly, thus helping in your go-green endeavors.

Do you want only blue tiles for your kitchen backsplash? We have the biggest collection at our store. Be it any pattern, like arabesque tiles, chevron pattern, or subway tiles, we have your preferences all covered. Now, marble backsplash tiles are also quite preferable by classic lovers. The only thing that you need to take care of is its porousness. Otherwise, the entire function of a backsplash will get hampered severely. No worries! Just apply a sealant and make the marble backsplash turn some heads. You can get both hones and glossy tiles from our store at discounted rates.

If you do not have the budget to go for marble tiles for your backsplash, you can always opt for the more convenient limestone backsplash any day. It is a natural stone made up of the remains of broken shells of dead aquatic animals. It is an inherently sedimentary rock and is composed of grains. On the kitchen backsplash, it offers a unique aesthetic appeal that is quite unmatched and chic, to say the least. However, you have to apply a sealant here too, as limestone is naturally porous.

There are other materials for backsplash tiles that you can explore and choose. If you have any queries, do not forget to call our customer executives for the same.