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10 Best Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for 2023

Kitchen backsplashes add an undeniable accent of detail to kitchen spaces. This design add-on has the power to breathe new life into your space and add a touch of sophistication. Whether you decide to go with a bright, bold, or moody theme, we have a kitchen tile backsplash idea that you are sure to love. If you are interested in ideas for kitchen backsplash ideas with white cabinets, you will be pleased to find that many of this year’s suggestions pair well with classic white cabinetry.

Make this year the year that you transform one of your home’s most used rooms into spaces into an area that reflects your style. Here are the best kitchen backsplash tile ideas for 2023.

1. Marble Mosaic Tile

marble tile backsplash
Thassos, Silver Sky Polished Stella Marble Mosaic by Stone Tile Depot.

Marble mosaics are high quality, versatile, and suitable for kitchen spaces of all sizes. Marble mosaic kitchen backsplash tiles come in shades ranging from bright white to bold black and everything in between. If you have the budget for a luxury interior material, then marble is the way to go. You will not be disappointed to see the wide variety of designs we have available.

2. Quartz Backsplash

kitchen tile backsplash
Oakleigh Polished Quartz Slab by Marble Systems.

Quartz backsplashes are unique because they are composed of engineered stone, or stone that was blended and processed in a factory. Quartz is a mixture of real natural stone and hardening agents called resins. Quartz kitchen backsplash tiles will give the appearance of natural stone tiles while providing an added boost of durability. If you want to look at the natural stone but desired looked-in kitchen backsplash on a budget, quartz is a great option.

3. Bold Backsplash

tile backsplash
Black Polished Marble Tile 12×12 by Stone Tile Depot.

Black tiles and mosaics are so vivid in kitchen spaces. If you like to go against the grain, you will love how distinctive black kitchen backsplash tiles look from other shades. Black tends to give off a more moody vibe to spaces, which works nicely if you fancy spaces that look ultra-modern. This kitchen backsplash tile idea is not for the faint of heart. Instead, it is for those who design with creativity and who like to set themselves apart.

4. Hexagon Tile Backsplash

kitchen tile backsplash ideas
Frio Glossy Hexagon 5 Ceramic Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Hexagon backsplashes are so sleek and vivid. Hexagon tiles are one of the best ways to add a touch of drama to a space without having to resort to using lots of color or print. If you like the idea of having your kitchen backsplash tile serve as a focal point, you can achieve this look effortlessly with a hexagon-shaped backsplash.

5. Subway Tile Backsplash

subway tile kitchen backsplash
Royale Polished Marble Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Subway tile backsplashes are a very classic style that is still in high demand. The best part is that this design is available in a large variety of materials and colors. We’re not sure if it is the 50% offset on the fact that the look is so recognizable, but something keeps designers coming back to subway tile time and time again.

6. Textured Backsplash

mosaic tile backsplash
Noce Textured 3d Hexagon Travertine Mosaic by Stone Tile Depot.

Daring textured backsplashes are a tile backsplash idea born out of the desire to add a new element to interior design. Textured kitchen backsplash tile appears three-dimensional with raised font or pattern a truly contemporary result. Also known as 3D tiles, these tiles are sure to create the illusion of movement in your kitchen’s design. Exploring new budget-friendly and stylish kitchen backsplash tile ideas and more like textured ones is available in our blog!

7. Blue Backsplash

blue tile backsplash kitchen
Royal Blue Glossy Hexagon 5 Ceramic Tile 5 by Stone Tile Depot.

Blue backsplashes come in all shades. We really love how versatile blue tile has become, and you will be floored to see the hundreds of stunning shades available. From sky-colored pastel to deep navy, we have blue a style of blue kitchen backsplash tile that will wow you. Also, cheer your kitchen with blues and Just Dance Ceramic Collection’s kitchen design harmony.

8. Black and White Backsplash

modern tile backsplash
Black, Bianco Dolomiti Multi Finish Maze Marble Mosaic by Stone Tile Depot.

Black and white backsplashes are a combination that just never loses its touch. We’re not talking checkerboard here, we are taking highly detailed patterns featuring black and white tile. You will be blown away by the intricacy of the backsplash mosaics made of these two contrasting shades. For example, our Black, Bianco Dolomiti Multi Finish Maze Marble Mosaic shows how this timeless pairing keeps its appeal.

9. Herringbone Tile Backsplash

white backsplash tile
Alpina White Honed Herringbone Marble Mosaic by Stone Tile Depot.

Herringbone backsplashes are another plug for visual contrast, but instead of using color, we suggest a pattern. Herringbone backsplash tile in the kitchen is a rather unique choice, but it’s gaining popularity for all the right reasons. You will love the simplicity of a marble herringbone backsplash if you have white cabinets.

10. Ceramic Tile Backsplash

tile for backsplash
Macchiato Glossy Chevron Ceramic Tile by Stone Tile Depot.

Backsplash in ceramic tile is another perfect for the backsplash tile idea for the kitchen. Ceramic tile offers a head-spinning amount of patterns, prints, and colors in addition to being hardwearing and more affordable than natural stone tiles. If you want to achieve a high-end look for a fraction of the cost ceramic is another fantastic way to get the look of stone tile on a budget.


What backsplash is trendy in 2023?

Subway backsplash tiles, kitchen backsplash tiles in marble, textured kitchen backsplash tiles, and backsplash tiles in bold colors are all very much in demand this year. 2023 has much to offer in terms of interior style so you can redesign your kitchen in a way that suits your personal style.

What is a good color for a backsplash?

Most colors are good choices for kitchen backsplash. The shade of your kitchen backsplash tile should appeal to your current tastes and be a color that you will enjoy seeing in your home for years to come. For some, that means a dynamic multicolored backsplash, and for others a simple, clean white style of tile.

Should backsplashes be lighter or darker than the countertops?

There is nothing wrong with choosing a kitchen backsplash that is lighter or darker than your countertops. The decision to go lighter or darker should depend on your desired result. Dark counters with light-colored backsplashes can keep your space from looking small. If you have light counters, you can choose to stick with a light-colored backsplash for a look that’s clean and simple or add a visual accent to your walls by choosing a darker backsplash.

There are many styles of kitchen backsplash tiles trending for the year 2023. We have included each of those styles here to help you zero in on which popular style you most desire to use in your kitchen remodel.

white marble kitchen backsplash tile

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to go subtle or bold, there is the perfect backsplash tile for you.

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