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Here’s where you can find answers to the most asked questions regarding marble mosaic tiles. Our selection of marble mosaics is both high-quality and affordable. Whether you fancy daisy marble mosaics or want a more classic look, here's everything you need to know about marble tile mosaics.

Many wonderful textiles are available to adorn your home, especially in the form of marble mosaic tiles. Marble mosaic tiles provide an incredibly stylish way to add a touch of charm to your kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and more.

You can find marble mosaic tiles in many appealing shades. Marble mosaics are all in high demand due to their regal appearance and high-quality composition.

Marble mosaic tiles are highly versatile and suit many interior applications in residential and commercial spaces. They can be installed on walls, flooring, kitchen backsplashes, and more. Since marble mosaic tiles are waterproof, they can be installed in wet areas like showers or bathrooms.

Marble mosaic tiles allow you to make each room of your home into its own unique space. Choose simple colors and patterns for more conservative tastes, or go bold with bright shades and patterns. We offer beautiful marble mosaic tile designs for affordable prices. Explore the many styles of marble mosaics we have available to get started on your fabulous new design project today.

Simply put, marble tile looks gorgeous, and marble mosaics are no exception. Marble tile and marble tile mosaics boast a unique beauty and high-class sophistication that's hard to duplicate with any other material. Marble mosaic tiles are also durable and hardwearing, so they will hold up to years of making memories in your space. Additionally, they are difficult to stain and do not shatter easily.

At Stone Tile Depot we have some of the most sought-after styles and colors of marble mosaics on the market. Choose from some of the loveliest styles including honed herringbone marble mosaics, honed hexagon mosaics, and honed penny round mosaics.

While marble tiles are known for their unmatched visual appeal, marble may not be the best choice in certain circumstances. Marble requires professional installation for ideal results, which may be a bit costly to designers on smaller budgets. Additionally, although it is durable, marble tile is more fragile than granite. Therefore, there is a slightly greater risk of chipping or cracking if the tile is struck by a blunt object.

If you choose to go with polished marble flooring, there is also an increased risk of slipping if the floors are wet. Mats and area rugs tend to help this department, but they may detract from your design if you are not a fan of them in your interior spaces.

The average cost of marble mosaic tile can vary significantly depending on where you purchase your natural stone mosaic. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $20 to $100 per square foot (or more) to install marble mosaic tiles.

Marble mosaic tile floors are truly considered an investment. The upfront cost of the tile and installation is sure to pay off in the long-term upscale boost it gives homes. Many homeowners also credit marble accents and flooring with increasing their home’s resale value.

No, marble mosaic tile does not break easily. Due to their layered composition, marble mosaic tiles are highly durable.  Marble is one of the most hearty natural stones on earth, so the likelihood of the tile breaking without sustaining significant impact is very low. Be careful to handle heavy, blunt objects when walking across marble tile. Also, refrain from using hammers or sharp objects to remove debris from marble tile. Both actions can result in costly breaks and damage.

Marble mosaic tiles are water resistant, so they will keep very well in your home – this includes areas with water use, like the kitchen and bathroom. You can take marble mosaic tiles and apply them to the kitchen walls for a gorgeous marble kitchen backsplash, or you can extend the tile and create any entire walls with mosaics.

It depends. Marble tiles can be slippery if they are polished. If using polished marble tile, you can expect floors to be slippery and may have to use mats or runners in wet areas. However, marble mosaic tiles are typically less slippery than standard tiles. If you are worried about slipping hazards, then it would be best to stick to a marble tile that has a honed finish. Ultimately you want to be careful on any wet tiled surface to prevent falls and accidents.

Due to its natural formation, marble mosaic tiles are not inherently scratch resistant. Marble mosaic tiles have a sealer applied to their surface to prevent scratches from daily use and traffic. With regular sealing, marble mosaic tile floors last for years with their same original sheen and luster.

Yes, marble mosaics are excellent choices for flooring. The most crucial part of having marble mosaic flooring is making sure they are properly installed by professionals. This will ensure that your marble flooring is set to withstand daily wear and tear. Marble is a highly coveted material for home designers who want to infuse luxury into their space. Floors covered in marble tile mosaics are an excellent choice for those who want style, performance, and elegance.

Marble mosaic tile can be installed in showers since it is water resistant and durable. Marble is a highly versatile stone that can be applied anywhere throughout a bathroom. You can cover entire shower walls, sinks, countertops, and even bathroom floors. Marble mosaics are a divine way to give bathroom spaces a luxury design facelift.

Certain types of marble, such as Carrara marble, come in mosaics including penny round tile, basketweave, and hexagon shapes. You can also find marble mosaics for showers in more intricate shapes if you desire.