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Modern Backsplash Tile

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1–21 of 218 products

As the name implies, the backsplash is the area behind a sink or cooker that prevents the wall from splashes of water or stains from food. The tiles installed in the backsplash are often impervious to moisture or are made so by using a sealant. If you wonder what tiles to choose for your backsplash, you should know that you have no dearth of choice.

Besides preventing your kitchen walls from getting dirty, the backsplash tiles also form an aesthetic focal point in your kitchen. By careful consideration, you can always choose tiles that match the rest of the kitchen interiors like the cabinets, countertops, etc. Before choosing the right material, you should decide on the type of backsplash pattern that will go best with your kitchen interiors. There are many, in fact, subway tiles, stone slab tiles, mosaic patterns, peel & stick tiles, and even stainless steel tiles for your backsplash. You should decide which ones will work best for you before closing in on the materials.

When it comes to the materials for modern backsplash tiles, many homeowners these days prefer affordable yet aesthetically trendy and stylish tiles for their kitchen backsplashes. From marble to ceramic, you should pick the right material based on its inherent features, costs, and of course, aesthetic value. While porcelain is naturally moisture-resistant, durable, and low-maintenance, marble has the timeless value that it cherishes. You can also opt for ceramic wall decos that are getting quite popular these days. You can get it in numerous shades, some of which are quite chic and rare.

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