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Basaltina Honed Basalt Tile

$8.95 / sq. ft.
as low as $7.16

Basaltina Bush Hammered Basalt Tile

$9.00 / sq. ft.
as low as $7.20

Basaltina Multi Finish Split Face Basalt Mosaic

Size:11 1/2x11 13/16x3/8
$17.60 / pcs.

Basaltina Honed 1x1 Basalt Mosaic

$12.10 / pcs.
38% OFF
Basaltina Honed Elongated Hexagon Basalt Mosaic 10x12 1/4

Basaltina Honed Elongated Hexagon Basalt Mosaic

Size:10x12 1/4x3/8
$22.00 / pcs.

Basaltina Honed Penny Round Basalt Mosaic

Size:11 7/32x12x3/8
$23.10 / pcs.

Basalt is a type of volcanic rock that is commonly found in China, Africa, Turkey, and Southern Italy. Basalt blocks are small and they vary a lot in color and texture. They are cut into slabs and tiles. This material comes in dark gray and light black colors.

Some of the quarries produce tiles with a concentration of darker colors. These tiles are cut into mosaics and other sizes. Basalt tiles and mosaics are perfect for a minimalist look for modern lofts, apartments, and other commercial tile projects.

We recommend mixing the shipment of this material before the installation so that you can achieve a good blend before installation. It is an absorbent material and it may require several coats of sealing.

The best selling size of tiles is 12x24 and several mosaics such as penny round, basketweave mosaics, and herringbone mosaics.