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Cement tiles originated in Spain in the early 1850s, but they are now being preferred by home and commercial property owners throughout Europe and America.

Where to use encaustic cement tile?

Meant to be installed on the floors and walls, these tiles come in diverse patterns, abstracts mostly, colors and designs. These are highly durable, affordable tiles that take the appearance of classic homes and business areas to the next level. Widely known as encaustic cement tiles these days, these are generally handmade, one by one, using natural pigments, cement, and a hydraulic press. Handmade tiles are bound to have some structural imperfections, but instead of lowering their quality, these imperfections tend to increase their value.

Some people are under the assumption that the cement tiles are apt only for the floors and walls of kitchens and bathrooms. But to be honest, the handmade cement tiles can adore the floors and walls of any room, even in places with high foot traffic. These are multipurpose tiles that look great wherever you place them. Plus, they are easy to maintain. No wonder, these are some of the most affordable tiles both in terms of purchase and maintenance. They do not require regular refinishing or resealing unlike other stone and wood tiles.

You can do with some mopping and occasional resealing to keep the cement tiles working at their optimum efficiency. In terms of aesthetics, they stand out quite well too. You have beautiful options to choose a shade, pattern, or design from. You can even combine tiles of varied shades and patterns to create a unique and lasting effect.

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