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Aqua Blanco Carrara Porcelain Collection

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The Aqua Blanco Carrara porcelain tiles are one of the best in the industry with their awesome designs and minimalist appeal. These can last you for years with little or no maintenance. Make sure you clean the tiles regularly with a moist cloth, soap, and water to maintain their characteristic appeal.

Available mostly in shades of white and grey, many often mistake the Aqua Blanco Carrara porcelain tiles for marble at the first glance. They resemble the luxurious natural stone tiles in uncountable ways. But these tiles do have their individualistic appeal that best fits any classic or contemporary property. If you plan to install the tiles in a residential property, these will do best in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room area in the interiors, and pool decks, water features, and fountains in the exteriors. The Aqua Blanco Carrara porcelain tiles are moisture-resistant, so do not worry about a sealant. Hard and crack-resistant, these tiles can tolerate high foot traffic without any hassle.

At the Stone Tile Depot, you can find these tiles at the most inexpensive rates with additional discounts on bulk purchases. As you can see below, the prices of our Aqua Blanco Carrara porcelain tiles range from as low as $3.65 to $31.55, depending on styles and patterns. You need not think that the more affordable tiles are of lower quality than their peers. You can enquire about any product from our customer service experts, who are on their toes to help you always. In case you are still worried about the quality, rest assured. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee to our customers so that they can return any product they do not like and get a refund. Your satisfaction is our topmost priority, and our customer-centric policies ensure that. Do you feel a bit relaxed now? Explore our collection and see if you like any of the tiles.