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1–21 of 41 products

Pebble tiles are suitable for both interiors and exteriors of a property. These are available in a mosaic style and perfect for bathrooms, kitchen floors, walls, pave ways, and water features.

When arranged properly, they can take the aesthetics of any property to the next level. If you are in love with the rustic beauty of nature, the Bali pebble tiles are just for you. There is no need to install them throughout the property, but only places where their rustic beauty and gorgeous appearance are drastically enhanced. You may install them in garden paths to make your property the center of envy. The multiple shades on each layer of the Bali Pebble tiles and their unique textures can up the interiors of your business areas too. Installing them on the walls and floors of diners, restaurants, and hotel lounges will give the visitors an attractive background to take pictures. In this social media-dominated world, going the extra mile can always help your business garner maximum attention.

At Stone Tile Depot, we have a unique collection of Bali Pebble tiles to match your requirements and preferences. Suitable for both contemporary and classic tastes, these tiles can adorn any space with their striking appearance.

What are the pros and cons of pebble tiles?

  • Pebble tiles are durable and natural stone tiles.
  • Pepple tiles are easy to install.
  • Pebble tiles can be used in kitchen backsplash, entries, shower floorings, bathroom walls and floors, and outdoor such as patio, outdoor showers, pools. Almost everywhere you want
  • Pebble tiles are not slippery. You can use them in wet areas and mostly they are used in bathrooms and water areas.
  • Cleaning them aren't easy as ceramics or porcelains.
  • You can get these tiles here, at our store, without breaking your banks. We have the largest network of tile suppliers in the world, thus assuring high quality and durability. In case you have doubts regarding our products, contact our customer service team to get them resolved.

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