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Bonita Pared Ceramic Collection

1–21 of 30 products
1–21 of 30 products

The Bonita Pared ceramic tiles are one-of-a-kind, be it texture or shades. They come in various styles suitable for all types of residential and commercial properties, classic or contemporary. These are cost-effective tiles meant for widespread use.

You may install the Bonita Pared tiles in your living room floors and walls, bathrooms, kitchens, lounge area, and staircase to enhance their appearance. As you can get a myriad of styles for these tiles, opt for more than one to cover the entire space. While the lighter pastel shades can be used for dark areas, where they will reflect more light, the darker shades are best fitted for spacious living rooms and bedrooms to enhance the appeal. These tiles are eco-friendly and do not attract dust or pollen to the surface. The Bonita Pared ceramic tiles also have a low water absorption rate, making them apt for moisture-prone areas, like bathrooms, kitchens, and pool decks.

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