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The Brooklyn Porcelain tiles are an incredible choice for residential properties, but they can also adorn the floors and walls of certain commercial spaces that have a homely appeal. Simple and elegant, these cost-effective porcelain tiles are best suited for living room spaces, lounge areas, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Like other porcelain tiles, these are best for moisture-prone areas, and no sealant needs to be applied. The Brooklyn porcelain tiles are sturdy and stain-resistant, requiring minimum cleaning over the years. All you have to do is wipe them with a moist cloth, or use soap and water to clean them properly. They score high on the anti-slip rating and do not attract pollen, dust, germs, and pet hair, thus maintaining hygiene at all times. You can also install the tiles on areas with high foot-traffic, and these do not wear easily. Their natural appearance is suitable for both classic and contemporary properties with little variations. With smooth finishes and high adherence, these tiles can reduce your maintenance budget to a minimum.

At the Stone Tile Depot, you can get the best rates for the Brooklyn Porcelain tiles without compromising quality. We offer attractive discounts on almost every bulk purchase and also provide our customers with a 30-days money-back guarantee. You can go through our policy at the bottom of this page to derive more information. If you have doubts, talk to our customer service team that is eager to please you. With the fastest shipping policy, Stone Tile Depot invariably stands out in the competition. We ensure timely deliveries to any part of the country. Although the Brooklyn porcelain tiles come with little color variations, you can get all possible varieties at our store. You may even get blackish variations of these tiles, which are rarely available elsewhere. These tiles are also best for indoor staircases and look like marble with their elegant finishes and smooth textures. Explore our collection and choose the tiles that appeal to your taste and preferences.