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Inlaid Marble Patterns Tiles Collection

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1–21 of 31 products


An inlaid marble pattern is a result of placing tiny pieces of marble on top of another material to create in high decorative or ornamental design. With inlaid marble pattern decorative tile, the design options are seemingly endless. Designs can range from very simple, muted patterns to highly complex visual masterpieces. Inlay work requires high skill because the process can be time-consuming. 

Porcelain backed marble is made of a fusion of ceramic and porcelain backing and a marble surface. In the design world, this composite material is called Marmocer. Marcmocer is viewed as a marriage of materials that creates a tile with a luxury natural stone top and moisture-resistant non-porous material as the base. Essentially porcelain-backed marble gives the best of both worlds – aesthetics, and durability.

Inlaid marble tile has a plethora of uses. Inlaid marble living room floors, inlaid marble bathroom showers, and inlaid kitchen floors are some of the most common ways designers utilize the style. Outside of these uses, inlaid marble wall cladding and tabletops have been popular in past decades. 

Depending on the scale of the project the cost of inlaid marble installation can range from moderate to expensive. Fortunately, we have a collection of exceptionally beautiful inlaid marble tiles. With selections starting as low as $5.95 per square foot our inlaid marble tile products deliver in looks and function.

Porcelain backed marble can last just as long if not longer than tile made of pure marble. This is due to the non-porous composition of porcelain. Porcelain’s non–porous attribute helps prevent water from breaking down the material over long periods of time. Porcelain backed marble is essentially a technological upgrade for an ancient material.

Marble tile is a luxury stone that doesn’t break easily, especially if it is regularly sealed for upkeep. Porcelain in terms of breakage porcelain is not as durable as marble, but the two are incredibly strong when combined thanks to the epoxy used to fuse the materials together. 

Inlaid Marble Decorative Tiles

At its very foundation inlaying is the process of taking carefully carved pieces of material (in this case marble) and setting them into a slightly depressed surface of another material. Once the marble is inlaid the finished result is a completely new design consisting of intricate layering. In some cases, metals such as brass, and even semi-precious stones (tourmaline, amethyst, etc.) are included in the inlay design.

Inlaid marble tile is slowly becoming a lost art form. The idea behind the inlaid tile is to develop a new design using a contrast by setting final cut tiles into another tiled surface like flooring, patios, bathroom walls, or backsplashes. Very few installers possess the skill and precision to complete inlaid tile designs therefore many home and business owners will need to find specialty craftsmen.

Porcelain Backed Marble Tiles

Porcelain backed marble tile is exactly what it sounds like. Also referred to as Marmocer, porcelain-backed tile is a compound of marble and porcelain, where marble acts as the surface and porcelain serves as the base. Thanks to modern-day technology the compatibility of porcelain and marble has been joined into an enduring material.

Inlaid Marble Pattern Colors

This easy-to-install flooring comes in a variety of eye-pleasing colors. The most popular shades of inlaid tile are beiges, browns, creams, whites, and grays. When an inlaid marble design calls for intricacy the color options range tremendously. Tile patterns can incorporate every shade imaginable to create the desired imagery in a finished product that is multicolored.

Most Common Sizes In Inlaid Marble Patterns

In most design projects the size for inlaid marble tile is 12”x24”. On projects where this is a larger area to cover it's common to see 24”x24” tiles of inlaid marble.

Inlaid Marble Patterns Advantages

Outside of its increased durability, inlaid marble patterned tile has other advantages. The combination of the two materials serves several beneficial purposes:

  • The porcelain backing makes the tile approximately 50% lighter than a traditional tile made purely of marble.
  • Porcelain backed tile is more environmentally friendly because it can cut down on quarrying and fuel costs than impact the ecosystem.
  • The fusion of marble and porcelain allow for the best attributes of both materials to work in unison to give home and business owners long-lasting marble flooring and marble wall tile.
  • The porcelain backing makes the tile easier to transport than pure marble tile.
  • The cost of porcelain backed marble tile is more cost-effective than pure marble tile.
  • Porcelain backed tiles provide easy installation and eliminates the need for waterproofing. a sturdy material makes it easy to carry around and install.