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Pizarro Porcelain Collection

1–21 of 30 products
1–21 of 30 products

Pizzaro porcelain tiles are sophisticated, elegant-looking slabs that make any property appear aristocratic. You may install them in the interiors and exteriors of your property to exude a classic feel.

These are non-slip, scratch and stain-resistant tiles, meant for long-term use, sometimes lasting for decades. These are non-porous tiles, thus fit for moisture-prone areas, like the floors and walls of your kitchen and bathrooms. You may even install them on water features and swimming pool decks. Suitable for any environment, the Pizzaro Porcelain tiles do not wear easily. If you are worried about the maintenance costs of these tiles, you should know that these require as low maintenance as possible. Any stain, dust, or dirt can be wiped away easily with a wiping cloth. You may not even use abrasive chemicals on the surface. These tiles are also non-combustible, thus ensuring safety against fire accidents. You can opt for greyish varieties of the Pizzaro Porcelain tiles for your contemporary or traditional property without breaking your banks.

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