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Royal Beige Marble Collection

1–21 of 52 products
1–21 of 52 products

As the name implies, the Royal Beige marble flaunts a beige surface with light veins. This elegant natural stone is best for the floors and walls of residential and commercial properties with classy interiors. Its sophisticated appearance is much sought-after by hoteliers and homeowners alike.

If you are looking for minimalist designs and polished surfaces, the Royal Beige varieties can be your best bet. These do not cost much but last for3 years, sometimes, decades at a stretch. The color does not fade away with time if you can keep it clean. However, you should note that all marble tiles are porous by default. You need to apply a sealant to prevent moisture and stains from damaging the aesthetics. If sealed properly, you can place these tiles in restrooms, shower walls, and pool decks, depending on your preferences. Besides, you can also adorn your exterior features, like water fountains and statues, with the Royal Beige marble. Staircases, driveways, and walkways also look elegant and classy with these tiles. However, make sure that you clean and maintain the exterior marble tiles regularly to prevent them from getting dirty with excessive foot traffic.

The Stone Tile Depot has an exclusive Royal Beige marble collection to suit your needs and budget. From plain and solid slabs of the stone to moldings and mosaic patterns for walls, floors, window sills, etc., we have diverse varieties of tile at our one-stop store. The costs of our tiles are reasonable with no compromise to the quality. You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee on each product, so that you hat with them, or call them up, whichever seems more convenient to you. Our fasting shipping policy ensures on-time deliveries of your order, no matter your location. Now, explore our collection of Royal Beige marble to make the best choice. You will also get attractive discounts on bulk purchases here.