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San Rio Slate Collection

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The San Rio slate tile is unique in its appearance, one of the best of its kind. These are suitable for countertops, kitchen floors, and walls, backsplashes, bathroom and shower walls, exterior features, living room walls, and so on.

Available in multiple shades of blue, green, and golden, these tiles exude a rustic, natural feel, which is unique to any property. They can be installed in commercial and residential areas and look breathtakingly beautiful. Also known as brick slate mosaic, the San Rio tiles are a favorite of contemporary homeowners, who want their property to stand out in the crowd without breaking banks. And these tiles are quite affordable without compromising quality. Their exquisite appearance can give a luxurious feel to any property. Anti-slip, stain, and scratch-resistant, the San Rio tiles are sturdy and durable, giving you no headache regarding maintenance.

The Stone Tile Depot flaunts an extensive collection of the San Rio slate tiles. You can get your hands on a range of varieties, some mimicking the feel of fall leaves, while some with the appearance of a starlit night. If you like your property to exude an earthly feel, you will get tiles for that as well. Some of these tiles also mimic the appearance of high-quality granite, thus taking the aesthetic appeal of your home to another level. Gorgeous and elegant, the San Rip tiles are a must-have for commercial property owners who are not ready to invest a fortune in their tiling endeavor. Our store offers attractive discounts and promotions on bulk purchases so you can give it a try. Further, we offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to our customers, thus ensuring quality at the minimum price point. With the fastest shipping policy, we can assure you that the order will be delivered on time. Do you have doubts regarding the products or any of our policies? Contact our customer service team to get them resolved as soon as possible.