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Sivec Honed Marble Collection

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Alpina White18"x18"x1/2"Honed Marble Tile

$15.95 / sq. ft.
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Alpina White12"x24"x1/2"Honed Marble Tile

$17.15 / sq. ft.
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The Sivec Honed marble tiles are pristine white tiles that adorn any traditional property, residential or commercial. For example, if you have a holiday home with a classic them, or a recreational building with an elegant interior, these tiles can be your best bet.

They can even adorn the bathroom walls and floors, bathtubs, and shower walls of contemporary homes. However, you may need to apply a sealant to reduce their water-absorption rate. These are natural tiles with a high moisture-absorption rate and hence, the protection. Coming to the essential features of this lovely marble, the Sivec Honed tiles have a long life in general. These tiles have a micro-granular structure, coupled with homogenous grain that accounts for their striking appearance. They are sturdy and scratch-resistant to the T. However, it is not recommended to install these tiles in areas with high foot traffic, as they may accumulate dirt and allergens quickly. These are luxury tiles meant for luxurious places, like lounges, receptions, living room floors, bathrooms, and kitchen backsplashes. You may even use them for classic tabletops, on the window sills and the surrounding space of your door to give your property a luxurious appearance throughout.

You will be taken by surprise at the rates of these tiles at our one-stop tiling store, Stone Tile Depot. We offer the Sivec Honed marble tiles are incredibly low rates without compromising quality. If you are skeptical, our 30-days money-back guarantee will assure you of the quality of our products. Read the details of the policy at the bottom of this page before making a purchase. If you have doubts, do not forget to resolve them without the customer service team. They are all ears to every problem of yours and offer relevant solutions for the same. We also have one of the fastest shipping policies in the industry, which guarantees timely delivery of the tiles. You can even get attractive discounts on bulk purchases, thus lowering your tiling expenses further.