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Zanzibar Glass Collection

1–21 of 26 products
1–21 of 26 products

The Zanzibar Glass collection is an incredible blend of practicality and aesthetics that can make any space appear bigger and brighter with its reflective properties. They can bounce light throughout the room, making it appear beautiful and bright.

If you install these tiles throughout your property, there will be no gloomy corner. However, it can be a little on the expensive side, as the Zanzibar glass tiles are costlier than ceramic or other mosaic variations. However, you can install them in selected places, both interiors, and exteriors of the property. Commercial areas, like restaurants, hotels, offices, diners, and retail stores, can install them on kitchen and shower walls, as these do not absorb moisture and are not porous. Installing the Zanzibar glass tiles on pool decks is not recommended, as they may break and cause injuries. But you can always adorn your water features with these tiles. These are available in lighter shades of brown, yellow, grey, and blue with brick-like patterns across the surface.

We, at the Stone Tile Depot, aspire to make our customers satisfied with each product they buy. To achieve that aim, we make sure that the tiles are high-quality, cost-effective, and delivered faster than our competitors. If you are a new customer, fear not, as we offer a 30-days money-back guarantee to all our customers. Do not like the quality of our products? You can return them at once and get a refund, based on this policy. We also offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases of Zanzibar glass or any other tiles. Best fitted for wall décor, these tiles have unique appearances that make any space appear classy and elegant. If you have any doubts, contact our customer services team to get them resolved. They are always all ears to listen to your queries and offer relevant solutions. Now explore your options below and choose the tile that appeals to you the most.