Granite tiles are an excellent complement to granite slabs and granite countertops, one of the best natural stone choices. Granite is one of the hardest natural materials that was only produced in slabs until recently. Recent technological advancements abled factories to produce thin tiles.

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These tiles are usually 3/8" thick and come with a beveled edge. These tiles can be used in flooring and wall tile applications. Especially, floor tile applications in high traffic areas like office lobbies and hotel entryways.

Kitchens and bathrooms in commercial spaces like office floors and office bathroom tiles love granite tiles. They are easy to maintain and keep it clean. All of these reasons make granite tiles a popular flooring choice.

What is the best finished on granite tiles?

Polished granite tiles are the oldest surface available in this category. Recently, honed finish like all other natural stones became very popular. In addition, new textured finishes like flamed granites are very functional. A flamed finish is also popular to use on all exterior surfaces like fountains, and exterior walkways.

What are the best sellers?

Darker color granites like absolute black, black galaxy, blue pearl, and baltic brown are some of the most popular ones in the market. These colors do not show any wear and tear, nor any dust and dirt. American granites like Dakota Mahogany and Cold Spring Black are timeless.

They all have very unique characteristics. Little golden flecks in Black Galaxy or large pearls in Blue pearl make each stone very unique and timeless.

The recent popularity of top sellers from Brasil and India in some exotic granites increased the demand for these tiles. Although they are not very common and easy to find, they are available. Let's not forget SHivakashi granite, Azul Bahia, and Luna Pearl.

Some common applications:

Residential homes don't use granite tiles as much as commercial applications. Granite is the popular choice in Commercial floors which prefer natural stone. It is extremely durable and affordable.

Granite tile designs can be accomplished with lighter and darker color combinations. Natural stone medallions for commercial spaces use granite tile designs in waterjets.

For kitchen countertops, the most common material is granite slabs. Granite slabs replaced most of composite floors and Corian and it became the most popular countertop material. Prior to tile production and mosaics tiles, a strip of granite slab was cut into 4" height for backsplash pieces. However, recent technology made matching tiles a real possibility.

How to Install Granite Tiles?

Due to its hardness, these tiles have overall resiliency strength and it is very easy to install these tiles. Usually, you can use gray thin-set and there is very little chance of subfloor bleeding to the surface. Most natural stones are absorbent and your installer has to use premium thin-set like Ardex and be careful with waterproofing the floor. For these tiles, most of these are not necessary. A regular unsanded grout can be used on these tiles.

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