Kitchen tiles refer to a variety of hard surface materials like marble tiles, travertine tiles, glass tiles, ceramic tiles, and mosaics.  Decorative ceramics can be an excellent accessory to  Granite countertops. Granite countertops are limited to mostly dark colors, and lighter color tiles can be ideal.

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Residential kitchens should use tiles on floors, countertops, and backsplashes.  Floor tiles can be a large format marble or porcelain tile in 12x12 or larger.  You should use large size tiles like 24x24 tiles on big areas, and small tiles in small kitchen floors.

Historically, old European kitchens would have ceramic tiles on the surface with matching bullnose trim. This style is still used in Mediterranean style homes.  However, due to the number of grout joints,  this style of tiles may need more sealing.

These types of kitchens also have large oven hoods. Spanish tiles or Portuguese tiles with various European designs or floral designs are used as ornaments in these areas.  Some other kitchens use farm animal-inspired tiles. These tiles can be inserts among plain field tiles.  This type of installation can contribute to a lower budget as plain field tiles are less expensive compared to decorative tiles.   Historical methods of hand-painted tiles are becoming rarer as these days.  These tiles are painted by dedicated artisans.

If you use your house a lot, always go with more durable surfaces like porcelain or a dark color marble.  Lighter colors may look more neutral but show wear and tear more.   Darker color grout is also preferred with these tiles.

Commercial spaces like restaurants, hotels, cafeterias tends to use tough tiles like quarry tile, or through body porcelains. These tiles have minimal absorption rate and bacteria resistant.   These tiles usually come in. 8x8 or. 12x12 size.  The most practical surface on commercial kitchen tile is honed or textured.


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