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1–21 of 343 products

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For centuries, marble tiles indicated sophisticated tastes. As seen in the ruins of ancient civilizations, nobility and aristocracy around the world have used marble as a status symbol for luxury. These rich textures and patterns are beautiful in their simplicity and will add an aura of exclusivity to your home.

Our new tile production methods have revolutionized production and made it more affordable and comfortable to transport.

The most famous variety is White Carrara and Calacatta from the Carrara region of Italy. For example, a good piece of Calacatta Marble can cost more than $ 1000 per square foot in some areas. Uniform vein distribution, beautiful backgrounds, as well as compactness, and visual impact, are highly desirable.

Historically, Italy and Turkey were the leading producers of marble. Today, marble boasts plenty of variety and can come from Norway, Greece, China, and India. Quarries with minimal production are especially very expensive and highly desired. Norwegian rose, Crema Marfil, Afyon white, and Bianco Dolomiti are other well-known varieties.

Our installers are gifted in efficiently installing marble and maintaining it. We recommend dry-laying all the tiles and blending them before installation. Sealing the natural stone after installation and re-sealing when required is crucial. To maintain a pristine and untarnished surface, only use warm water to clean.

Opt for a beige to bring elegant harmony into your kitchen. Use black marble to contrast white porcelain fixtures in your bathroom. Utilize the crispness of white marble to make your entryway feel more inviting. The choice is all yours. We provide a sizeable number of tile options, many of which are suited to the sophistication of working with a modest budget. Explore our world of tiles and take a look at wholesale tiles!