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1–21 of 67 products

Glass mosaics complement any area of a home beautifully. They’re great as transition pieces, and are stunning on both walls and floors. They reflect light perfectly when placed in the back of recessed built-in shelves, and make gorgeous back splashes behind kitchen or bathroom sinks.

Mosaics was invented around the early 3rd-century bc in Greece, Persia, and India.

It evolved into many forms, colors, and shapes through the centuries, and finally, it was used as a decorative element as tiles and mosaics. Its ability to reflect light, impenetrability to water, and exciting character in bathrooms and kitchens made it famous.

Smalti Tiles:

Smalti tile, also known as misty  tile, was initially produced in Byzantine Empire to decorate churches. Smalti glass is made by blending liquid glass and metal oxides. Later on, gold leaf and other precious metals were added. The most famous of all of this work is in Hagia Sophia. In modern times Italian manufacturer Sicis transformed this medium into beautiful decoration as various forms, colors, and shapes.

Customary smalti tiles are as yet discovered today in numerous European houses of worship and fancy items; the technique is additionally utilized by some present-day craftsmen, both in establishments and compelling artwork. During the 1920s, large scale manufacturing strategies were applied to Smalti tile fabricating, which empowered these tiles to discover their way into many average homes. Rather than the old technique for turning the hued glass blend out, cooling, and cutting, the new strategy called for liquid fluid to be poured and cooled in a plate, for the most part bringing about 3/4 inch chicklet-type pieces.

Today glass tiles come mostly in back-painted form or infused glass. These tiles are cut into various glass subway tiles or mosaics. These products are ideal for decorating shower walls, shower floors, and bathroom walls.

Oceanside glass is another revolutionary tile maker who utilizes all modern methods for making unique tiles. Particularly, their cast glass is interesting and can be used as a floor tile.

Glass does not need a lot of maintenance once installed properly. You should use unsanded grout when grouting these tiles. Sanded grout may scratch your tiles.