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1–21 of 42 products
1–21 of 42 products

Designers use pebble mosaics in many areas of the house, though most homeowners love the touch they provide in bathrooms. Pebble mosaics make any area of your home look and feel like a luxurious day spa.

They’re beautiful in tranquil kitchens or areas of a home that feature potted plants or luscious greenery.

Shower floors are one of the most popular applications of this category.

They provide a natural grip and make it less slippery on wet surfaces.

They are mostly mesh-mounted. A fiber piece holds them together for easy installation.

Island stone collection is the most popular style among pebbles.  Hand collection is the primary method of sourcing them. Next is assorting them in mix color styles and mounting them on mesh for ease of installation. We offer pebble mosaics in yellow, red, brown, white, and brown. You can choose between smooth, polished stones or a gently tumbled texture. We offer pebble mosaics in two different sizes, and the natural variations of the edges make it easy to blend these mosaics together.