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Silver Mystique Marble Collection

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1–21 of 2374 products

As the name implies, the Silver Mystique marble is unique, beautiful and mysterious in appearance, exuding an essence of tranquillity like no other. If you are looking for cost-effective marble tiles retaining the same features as their other expensive peers, this is your best bet.

The Silver Mystique marble comes in shades of white and grey and has light-reflecting properties. These can make any space appear brighter than it is. You may install the tiles in living room spaces, kitchens, bathrooms, window sills, and staircases of commercial and residential properties. As these are natural stones, you should apply a sealant to reduce the moisture-absorbance to a minimum. Otherwise, stains and water droplets can damage the appearance. The Silver Mystique marble requires little maintenance. Regular sweeping and occasional mopping will help them last for decades. These tiles also have heat-resistance properties, thus best suited for cool areas. However, make sure that you do not install the tiles in places with high foot traffic, as you may have to spend more time cleaning and maintaining the surface.

The Stone Tile Depot has a unique collection of Silver Mystique marble tiles, all affordable and unique in shapes and patterns. The tiles at our store are available at a range of price points, suitable for every budget. We have polished solid tiles, as well as mosaic varieties at our store. If you are worried about the quality of the tiles, do not be. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products so that you can return them if needed, no questions asked. Read about the details of this policy at the bottom of this page, or talk to our customer representatives, who are here to resolve all your queries. Having the fastest shipping policy, we ensure timely deliveries of your orders, no matter the size. Explore our collection now to get an idea about the beautiful marble tiles and make your pick.