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The word terracotta can be translated as baked earth. In the simplest terms, clay and water are combined, formed into the desired shape or object, then fired in a kiln or sun-dried outside. Terracotta or terra cotta tile is a red-brown building material that can be used outdoor and indoors.

Terracotta is never out of style because it is designed neutral. Terracotta tile is versatile, rich, and naturally beautiful. It can be nicely paired with floral color schemes, metals, various species of wood, and just about anything else. 

No. They have a Mohs scale of mineral hardness value of 5. This means that it would take a determined person with a sharp, strong knife to scratch them. 

Terracotta tiles have a low water absorption. This makes them highly water and stain resistant in typical residential and commercial settings. 

Yes. However, shower floors require a tile that can slope to a drain. So, a little bit smaller tile size is better when using terracotta in a shower. Also, a smaller size will add to slip resistance since the foot will rest on cementitious grout in addition to the tile, 

This is a timeless organic material that has been used for thousands of years. It is very easy to renovate a space by swapping out elements such as furniture, lighting, paint, and fabrics while leaving the terracotta floor in place. 

No. Terracotta is used as an exterior facade material all over the world. These applications require both UV light and frost resistance. 

Terracotta tiles have a high lifetime value given their projected in-place longevity, which makes them a good value for the cost. They are not “cheap” in terms of the inexpensive commodity products found in big-box stores. However, they are also not “cheap” if you are using the word to mean tacky or short-lived.  Also, this needs to be emphasized that Stone Tile Depot offers the best value and competitive pricing on terracotta tiles.

No. Unglazed terracotta tiles, which have been properly finished at the point of installation, will have a sufficient coefficient of friction for typical flooring applications. As with most flooring, standing water or liquids should be cleaned up promptly. 

Yes. There are examples of terracotta floors that have been in place for hundreds of years. Today, proper installation should ensure long product life. What is the difference between terracotta and ceramic? 

Both product categories start as clay and are then fired. The clay used to make terracotta contains more impurities and is fired at a lower temperature than the clay used to produce ceramic. The clay impurities result in the reddish-brown color values associated with terracotta. Consumers and professionals alike think of terracotta as an unglazed reddish-brown tile. Ceramic tiles are usually thought of as having a glaze of some color that was fired over a red or white tile body. 

Most of our terracotta tiles will range in price from approximately $6.00 to $12.00 per square foot for field tile. Field tiles are the bulk of the tiles used in a flooring area. Please browse Stone Tile Depot for more concise pricing.

To clean terracotta tiles, we recommend using a mild, Ph-neutral cleaner and warm water. Gently mop the surface of the tile to get rid of dirt or other stains. Avoid using harsh chemicals or acidic cleaners, since they can damage the surface of the tile.

You can paint non-glazed terracotta tile floors, but it’s important to get the right supplies. We recommend using an acrylic masonry primer and latex paint to paint the surface of the terracotta tile flooring.

If your terracotta tile hasn’t been sealed, then you can stain them. To stain terracotta tiles, you can use wood stainer or a color-enhancing sealer. Always be sure to test the stainer on the corner of a tile first before your cover its entire surface.

Terracotta tiles can range anywhere from $2 – $20 per square foot. The price of terracotta tile depends on its design, texture, and whether it has been sealed. Handmade terracotta tile will always be more expensive.

If your terracotta tile is unsealed, we recommend sealing them to safeguard against moisture damage and staining. A sealed terracotta tile will always last longer and be more durable. To seal the terracotta, we recommend using a water-based or acrylic sealer. The more traditional method of using boiled linseed oil is another good alternative. Ensure the tiles are clean before applying the sealant and wait for each coat of the sealant to dry before applying the next one.

Most terracotta tile is not expensive compared to other tile options like ceramic or porcelain. This natural clay-based tile is an affordable and long-lasting investment for many homeowners.

Terracotta tile is not out of style! In fact, this natural tile has seen a comeback in recent years since earth-tones and nature-inspired designs are back in style. Regardless, terracotta tiles have an organic, classic look that will always be timeless.

If your terracotta tile is an earthy-brown shade, we recommend choosing a paint color that is slightly warm to match. Ecru or cream-colored white are a great match for terracotta tiles, since they have warm undertones.

Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta tiles have been used all over the world for centuries. They are perfect for outdoor flooring use in warm climates and indoor use everywhere else. Economical and practical, they are easy to install and maintain.

Outdoor flooring applications such as pool decks and walkway coverings in warm climates (non-freeze) is the most common application in countries like Spain and Italy.  These countries have regions that are rich in red clay.  In Southern Spain, the Valencia region is a prime example as well as the Tuscany region in Italy.  Terracotta tiles, pots, and other building materials have been produced in these areas for centuries.  Small artisan kilns and factories produced the best flooring and pottery.

Typical terracotta tiles produced in these areas come 2cm thick and in a variety of shapes. These tiles include squares, rectangular, octagon tiles, and star and cross tile.

Indoor applications are not limited to certain climates and pretty much you can use them anywhere it is covered (provided that it is not exposed to permanent water.) You can cover your sunroom, indoor courtyard tile applications, and any rustic or traditional design residential tile applications.

Best Terracotta Tiles

With warm, earthy tones back in style, terracotta tiles are the perfect fit for anyone seeking a timeless tile with a natural look. Made from clay, terracotta tiles are made straight from the earth and have an organic look that will always be in style. Nowadays, terracotta tiles are not just available in rusty brown shades; they come in all the colors of the rainbow and different finishes as well.

When searching for the best terracotta tiles for your home, it’s important to keep these key factors in mind.

Finish & Texture

Terracotta tile texture is an important factor to consider depending on where you want to install the tile. For indoor wall applications in kitchens and bathrooms, a sealed terracotta glazed tile is a great choice due to its stunning shine and easy-to-clean surface. For indoor and outdoor applications, we recommend going for a matte, natural finish since they’re easier to walk on and more hard-wearing.


Terracotta tiles are one of the more affordable tile options available. Durable and long-lasting, they’re a great investment for anyone completing their home renovation project on a budget.

Types of Terracotta Tiles

Although terracotta tiles often come in classic red, orange, and brown shades, the recent rise of terracotta tiles has seen a variety of new stunning terracotta designs arrive on the market. With so many options, they’re a great option for terracotta tile backsplashes.

Classic Terracotta Tiles

Classic Mexican terracotta tiles and Spanish terracotta tiles come in an array of traditional patterns that have been in style for centuries. Our Natural Terracotta Tiles, such as the Langkawi, Arabesco, and best-selling Forma De Ventilador terracotta tiles, have charming arabesque-inspired patterns that look right at home in a hacienda and other southwestern-style houses.

Modern Terracotta Tiles

Besides the classic options, modern terracotta tiles in a range of colors, patterns, and textures are available.

Black terracotta tiles are one of the most popular color stories for terracotta tiles on the market. Their sophisticated, charcoal shades elevate the tile and make it well-suited for sleek, modern interior design styles. Our Charcoal Zellige Look Terracotta Tile is a black glazed terracotta tile that’s absolutely stunning.

In contrast, white terracotta tiles offer a more soothing and clean look that’s perfect for bright, open interiors. Consider fitting a white terracotta tile backsplash in a country-chic kitchen or go minimalist with an all-white space.

For those seeking more vibrancy, there are more colorful terracotta tile options, too, such as green, blue, red, and more. Our Slate Glossy Zellige Look Terracotta Tile is the perfect blue terracotta tile bathroom option.

Terracotta Floor Tiles

Terracotta tiles are the perfect flooring option because they are attractive, longlasting, and hold up against heat and frost. Moreover, sealed terracotta tiles have low porosity, making them less likely to stain. There’s a reason why these tiles were favored by the Spanish and Italians for centuries.

Most terracotta tiles can be installed both indoors and outdoors, but it’s always best to double check our product usage information. When choosing a terracotta tile floor, we recommend choosing a non-glossy tile because they’re more durable and less slippery when wet.

Our range of Satin Terracotta Tiles has a subtle satin finish that’s slightly more polished than typical terracotta. With their refined look, these tiles are ideal for poolside and residential interior applications.

One of the most popular types of terracotta flooring is classic square 6x6 terracotta tiles, like our Cuadrado, Regenerado, and Handmade Cotto tiles. Well suited for outdoor flooring applications, these tiles have a natural finish that looks organic and effortless. We also have a range of different shapes and patterns available. The Star Natural Terracotta Tile and Cross Natural Terracotta Tile recall the traditional shape of terracotta tiles often found in old Italian and Spanish churches. In turn, the Hexagono Natural Terracotta Tile is a hexagon terracotta tile that suits both modern and traditional interiors.

Terracotta Tiles For Sale

Stone Tile Depot offers a range of terracotta tiles for sale that are not only stunning but budget-friendly as well. Order a sample to see our products in person, or consult with one of our experts to get a quote on your dream project.

Browse our full collection of terracotta tiles in a wide range of colors, patterns, and textures –– all at affordable prices.