Terracotta tiles have been used all over the world for centuries. They are perfect for outdoor flooring use in warm climates and indoor use everywhere else. They are economical and practical. They are easy to install and maintain.

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Outdoor flooring applications such as pool decks and walkway coverings in warm climates (non-freeze) is the most common application in countries like Spain and Italy.  These countries have regions that are rich in red clay.  In Southern Spain, the Valencia region is a prime example as well as the Tuscany region in Italy.  Terracotta tiles, pots, and other building materials have been produced in these areas for centuries.  Small artisan kilns and factories produced the best flooring and pottery.

Typical terracotta tiles produced in these areas come  2cm thick and in a variety of shapes. These tiles include squares, rectangular, octagon tiles, and star and cross tile.

Indoor applications are not limited to certain climates and pretty much you can use them anywhere it is covered ( provided that it is not exposed to permanent water.) You can cover your sunroom, indoor courtyard tile applications, and any rustic or traditional design residential tile applications.

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