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Terrazzo tile is made from fragments of marble, granite, quartz, glass and other materials bound together with either cement or an epoxy like resin. Originally created centuries ago by Italian masons, terrazzo tiles have become well known for their incredibly durable and hardwearing properties. They’re the perfect floor tile for busy households and businesses like restaurants, commercial kitchens, and lobbies.

Stone Tile Depot offers an incredible range of high quality terrazzo tiles for sale at affordable prices. Our terrazzo tiles are not only carefully crafted and beautiful, but they’re budget-friendly and low-maintenance too. Shop terrazzo tiles online at Stone Tile Depot today.

Terrazzo tile floors are easy and effortless to clean. Use a gentle cleaner with a neutral Ph, warm water, and a mop to clean the surface of terrazzo tiles. Avoid harsh chemical cleaners and anything acidic.

Terrazzo tiles are easy to install and perfect for DIYers. Simply ensure that the installation area is clean and dry beforehand. Then, evenly spread the grout on the surface and apply some on the back of the tile as well. Lay the tiles evenly with a gap of about 1–2mm in between. Fill the gaps with liquid grout filler.

Terrazzo tile typically costs anywhere from $4–$10 per square foot.

Terrazzo tile flooring consists of terrazzo tiles made from stone fragments bound together with cement or resin. Terrazzo tile flooring is incredibly durable and hardwearing.

Terrazzo tile is made of fragments of marble, granite, quartz, and glass bound together with either cement or resin.

Terrazzo tiles are an affordable and long-lasting flooring option. Terrazzo tiles typically range from $4–$10 per square foot depending on the material and finish.

Compared to other tiles like ceramic or porcelain, terrazzo tile is not expensive. Since it is made of leftover stone and glass fragments, it is a more budget friendly option. Moreover, terrazzo tile is incredibly longlasting, making it a smart investment.

Terrazzo Tiles

Durable and timeless, terrazzo tiles offer the perfect combination of style and practicality. These tiles were first created by Italian stonemasons in the nineteenth century, who combined cement and leftover fragments of marble to create this durable tile for their “terrazzos” or terraces.

Terrazzo tile is perfect for kitchen and bathroom flooring. You just have to apply a sealant and you will be good to go. The best thing about these tiles is their durability. With little maintenance and occasional cleaning, you can expect them to last for decades, sometimes a lifetime. These tiles, like other terrazo tiles, are composed of natural materials, like marble, quartz, granite, and glass, bound together to create a long-lasting effect.

Best Terrazzo Tiles

Today, modern terrazzo tiles are popular among homeowners and business owners in Europe and are gaining popularity in the United States. The modern version of terrazzo tiles combines fragments of natural stone with cement or epoxy resin, which results in a tile that is difficult to scratch, stain, or break. Perfect for high-traffic flooring in restaurants or cafés, as well as busy households with young children or pets, this tile is as effortless as it gets.

To choose the highest-quality, best terrazzo tile for your project, here are some factors to consider:


Although traditional terrazzo tiles were made from a mixture of mortar and stone fragments, the best terrazzo tiles for sale today are made of a mixture of resin or concrete and fragments of marble, quartz, granite, and glass.

Epoxy terrazzo tiles blend provides an extremely hardwearing and durable surface for the tile, making it incredibly longlasting.

Cement terrazzo tiles are also incredibly hardwearing and durable but may require sealing to safeguard against moisture.

Due to these modern advancements, terrazzo tile flooring will hold up for decades and is the perfect choice for any high-traffic area.


When choosing the tile for your project, it’s always important to consider the area in which you’re installing it. Due to its durable, hardwearing properties, terrazzo tile suits most wall and flooring interior applications. In most cases, a terrazzo tile floor is a smart investment that is low maintenance and will last for years to come.

Kitchens: A terrazzo tile kitchen instantly adds a charming element to your home. Not only do these tiles come in a range of different styles or colors, but they are one of the most low-maintenance tile options available. Rest assured that with a terrazzo tile floor in your kitchen, cleaning up will be incredibly easy and effortless. If you want to be adventurous, consider going for a terrazzo tile backsplash too.

Bathrooms: A terrazzo tile bathroom is a great choice for any homeowner looking for something long-lasting and easy to maintain. Since they’re non-porous, it’s easy to mop up water on a terrazzo tile bathroom floor. Browse our range of colorful terrazzo tiles to match your envisioned bathroom design.


Terrazzo tiles come in a wide variety of beautiful designs in all colors. The fragments of natural stone like granite, marble, and quartz elevate the tile and add a timeless quality. Whether you’re searching for a more neutral tile, like black or gray terrazzo tile, or want to go bolder with something more colorful, we are sure to have the right terrazzo tile for you.

Affordable Terrazzo Tile Colors

White Terrazzo Tile is a classic choice that suits a wide variety of different styles. The small fragments of natural stone and glass add a delicate, artistic element to the tile that breaks up the monotony of an all-white tile. Consider our Sky Fusion Polished Terrazzo, which has mottled fragments of stone peaking through the white base.

Pink Terrazzo Tile is one of our most charming types of terrazzo tile. Perfect for the flooring of a boutique or colorful kitchen, our Soft Matte Terrazzo Tile is one-of-a-kind pink terrazzo tile.

Blue Terrazzo Tile is one of the most popular types of colorful terrazzo tile available. Imagine installing this tile on the floor of a children’s room or bathroom floor. Our Azure Terrazzo Tile and Cloud Terrazzo Tile are both incredibly versatile.

Gray Terrazzo Tile is for those seeking a more understated version of terrazzo. We have a wide range of gray terrazzo tiles available, from dark charcoal grays to more muted silver tones. Our Acero Honed Terrazzo Tile, Sandy Matte Terrazzo Tile, and Asphalt Matte Terrazzo Tile are all pleasingly neutral options that will suit any design.

Colorful Terrazzo Tile is a creative, stylish choice that’s perfect for the artist at heart. Imagine installing a multi-colored terrazzo tile on the floor of an art room or as floor tile in a funky kitchen. The opportunities are endless! Our Fallen Leaves Honed Terrazzo Tile is a 24x24 terrazzo tile that has a spectrum of harmonious fall colors.