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Marble Look Porcelain Tile

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1–21 of 97 products

Everyone loves to step on marble floors, but very few can afford it. Moreover, there is some constraint of marble floors because of which people have started looking for alternatives. Today marble look porcelain tiles are trending and have affectively replaced marble tiles because of some certain specific reasons-

Marble tiles are not very resistant, and neither are they easy to maintain

Whenever we construct a floor, we need to keep two things in mind. First, the material we choose should be hardy, and second, it should be easy to maintain. This is precisely why marble look porcelain tiles have replaced marble tiles. They can resist heat, cold and even heavy blows without getting chipped. And, most importantly these tiles can be easily cleaned, unlike marble tiles.

Marble tiles get stained easily

Since marble tiles are porous, they get stained when any fluid penetrates the surface, which is impossible in porcelain tiles. They imitate the look of marble but are more durable than marble tiles. You can rest assured that your floors will look young if you have been using marble look porcelain tiles for ages.

It's challenging to carry marble tiles, and they turn out to be more expensive

Cost is a significant reason why people have started replacing marble tiles with marble look porcelain tiles. Because marble tiles are heavier, the overall cost of transportation increases when you are transporting marble tiles. Moreover, porcelain tiles are cheaper and lighter than marble; therefore, you can easily transport them without paying through your nose.

Porcelain tiles can be customized, unlike marbles

The most significant reason marble look porcelain tiles are gaining popularity is that marble tiles are natural stones, so their shades cannot be customized. Most importantly, the colour of marble changes with time, whereas porcelain tiles are cultivated artificially because they remain as they are through ages. And the best part is these tiles can be customized according to the interiors of your house.

If you wish to refurnish your house without spending an enormous amount and still hold on to the class and elegance, then marble look porcelain tiles from Stone Tile Depot is for you. They are durable, customizable, cheap and can last you ages. Most importantly, you don't have to worry about maintenance and additional care, and they are straightforward to maintain and are stain-resistant.

Choose from a varied collection of marble look porcelain tiles and pick the one that is best suited for your house. We make sure you get 30 days money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the quality of the tiles.