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1–21 of 2371 products

The Tuscany Beige Travertine is a classic tiling product, quite trendy and fashionable for traditional and modern homes. You may also install them on the floors and walls of commercial and public places, like retail stores, shopping malls, schools, universities, offices, hotels, diners, and so on.

The best thing about Tuscany Beige Travertine flooring is its durability. It is a sturdy tile for most places with high foot traffic. Besides, it is also resistant to moisture and stains, making it an apt choice for bathroom floors, shower walls, kitchen floors and walls, swimming pool decks, etc. You may also use these tiles to enhance exterior features, like water fountains, statues, pave ways, and walkways, as these are quite weather-resistant too. The Tuscany Beige Travertine is highly versatile and can be mixed with other materials to create beautiful mosaic patterns for your patio, garden walkways, etc. These tiles do not require a lot of maintenance, and hence, quite cost-effective.

At the Stone Tile Depot, we have a collection of myriad tiles, of which the Tuscany Beige Travertine is one. It is the best choice for homeowners, who do not wish to invest a fortune in their tiling endeavor. Available at the costs of $3.45 to $10, these tiles are the best fit for both traditional and contemporary homes. Even commercial property owners can install these tiles without much hassle on the floors of large living spaces, lounge areas, staircases, etc. Coming to the quality of the tiles, we offer you nothing but the best here at our store. Our products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can return them if they fail to meet your expectations. Talk to our customer representatives before purchase. They can give you a better idea about the return and refund policy. For now, just choose the tiles that appeal to your the most.