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Fusion Porcelain Collection

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Fusion Nero1/18"x10"x3/8"Polished Zellige Look Porcelain Moldings

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Fusion glazed porcelain tile is a glossy type of clay based tile that has an undeniably chic glimmer and distinctive glow. Fusion tiles are usually square or rectangular in shape – think subway fusion tile, and you can imagine the high-quality look of these elongated tiles placed on walls and backsplashes. 

Fusion porcelain tile is the result of high temperatures applied to highly-refined clay to solidify and bond the material together. Fusion tile is not only gorgeous it is also heavy-duty in quality.

Fusion porcelain tile is used for design projects all over homes. Due to its durability and scratch-resistance, and moisture-resistance fusion tile can be placed in areas that see lots of traffic and places that receive heavy or frequent water usage. This marvelous-looking tile can work well in both bathrooms and kitchens. 

Fusion tiles can range in price. Similar to other forms of high-quality tile materials. Depending on where you purchase the tile you can expect your fusion tile to cost as low as $5.45 per square foot. This tile is one of the most cost-effective yet high-end-looking tiles around. For this price, you cannot pass up the chance to add them to your next remodeling project. 

Stone tile depot offers glazed porcelain tile and glazed fusion porcelain tile in an assortment of vivid shades. You can go with a subtle white fusion porcelain tile for brightness or choose to play with bold colors by selecting green or blue fusion porcelain tile. The choice is ultimately yours based on your project and budget.

Yes, as a general rule porcelain tile is quite durable. However, it needs to be handled delicately upon installation to avoid cracks, breakage, or chipping. Once porcelain tile is properly installed you can expect to see it perform well for years on end. Glazed and unglazed porcelain tile is very dense meaning the composition of the tile is consistent from its surface to its core. The hardness of porcelain allows it to stand the test of time in spaces where less dense materials would break down. 

Maintaining glazed porcelain tile is fairly simple. Porcelain tile boasts a high stain resistance which means spills and splashes are usually no match for the material. Porcelain tile has a reputation for being almost completely non-porous, so most of the time the tile will only need a regular wipe down with a clean soft cloth and a mild cleanser. If you prefer to go all natural with cleaning, you can clean your glazed porcelain kitchen tile with a mixture of warm water and plain white vinegar (diluted to half-strength). Be sure to wipe down glazed porcelain wall tile regularly – as soon as you notice staining or buildup. If your glazed porcelain tile is applied to flooring, mop with a mixture of warm water and cleansing solution regularly. If you have serious damage, you need to consult to professionals.

Generally glazed and unglazed porcelain tiles differ in their appearance. Glazed porcelain tiles usually have a subtle glossy glow, and unglazed porcelain tile has a matte or natural-looking finish. While still dense, glazed porcelain tile tends to be a bit thinner than unglazed porcelain. However glazed porcelain is more stain-resistant due to the coating that's applied to the tile before it is finished via heating during the manufacturing process.

Let us introduce you to the Fusion Porcelain Collection! With the look of liquid, porcelain fusion tile is incredibly dynamic as a design staple. The look of fusion porcelain tile is truly a marvelous sight. The glazed finish of the tile makes each and every piece of the design look high-end. Whether fusion tile is used for the cladding around tables, or counters or if it's used as wall tile or backsplash it is sure to make a grand statement.

For a refined and stylish living space, glazed porcelain tile adds a gleam and sheen that is hard to replicate with other materials. It's a little-known fact that glazed porcelain tiles have been used for centuries – at least since the 15th century. Over the years the process of manufacturing porcelain tile has transformed with various textures, colors, and shapes being produced.

Contrary to what many people believe, glazed porcelain doesn’t necessarily mean that the material is ultra-shiny, in fact, there are types of unglazed porcelain that have a sheen similar to the glazed variety. Thanks to technology it is even possible to have glazed porcelain tile that has images from digital printers printed onto them. Porcelain tile has a level of versatility that is truly amazing. If your dream is to install porcelain tiles in your home, you have tons of beautiful options to choose from.

Glazed porcelain can be made to mimic the look of other materials such as natural stones like marble, slate, and granite, it can also be used to mimic the look of wood floors. Imagine having porcelain tile that resembles hardwood floors. Your floor would look aesthetically appealing without the worry and heavy maintenance associated with real wood floors.

Fusion Porcelain Tile Colors

There are many colors available to choose from for fusion tiles. The primary shades available for fusion tile include glossy black tile, white glazed tile, beige tile, light gray tile, yellow porcelain tile (Senape), blue porcelain tile, aqua (Acqumarina), charcoal, and emerald green tile (Smeraldo). These shades are suitable for all areas of homes and businesses that choose to incorporate these high-gloss tiles into their interior design.


Most Common Sizes In Fusion Glazed Porcelain Tiles

Fusion Porcelain Collection comes in several sizes and can be used to adorn spaces of many styles, colors, and aesthetics. Like many other types of tile used in interior design projects, fusion glazed porcelain tile comes in an array of sizes. Depending on the desired result, fusion porcelain tile can be purchased in sizes that range from 2 & ½” x 10”, 12”x12”, 18”x18”, and 12”x24”. However, there are manufacturers who currently make porcelain tile and slabs as large as 48” x 48”.

Glazed Porcelain Tiles Advantages

Glazed porcelain tile is very easy to maintain. It is also highly visually appealing with a natural luster that radiates in every installed space. In addition to these attributes porcelain tile is also:

  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • They perform well in high-traffic areas like hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms.
  • A low rate of moisture absorption – porcelain tile only has an absorption rate of .5% meaning it's virtually impervious to water.
  • Porcelain tile has a versatility that is hard to match. It can have a classic solid-colored appearance. You can also get marble-look porcelain tile (or other stones), as well as wood-look porcelain tile.
  • Porcelain tiles have high stain resistance.
  • Porcelain tile is much more hygienic than carpeting and wood flooring.
  • Get Your Fusion Tile From Us

At Stone Tile Depot you can purchase the highly sought glazed porcelain tile in front of the exclusive NovaBell Collection of fusion porcelain tile. This high-end tile is in demand due to the vivid color options. The sleek and slender size of the tile makes it orientationally versatile. This tile can be installed vertically, or horizontally, and placed into an amazing chevron pattern and still look chic and appealing. Don't forget that your fusion tiles would be a good match with our zellige tiles and create a unique style for your spaces!

At Stone Tile Depot, we only deal in quality and our fusion porcelain tile is no exception. Allow us to help you locate your ideal tile so that you can enjoy your home and reap the benefits of this wonderful tile option.