Beige Marble Tiles on sale. Hundreds of varieties in stokc.


1–21 of 52 products
1–21 of 52 products

Beige marble tiles are one of the most popular tile products.  They are used mostly in country homes or in areas where cream color is the dominating theme.   Some of the most popular beige marble tiles include Crema Marfil marble, Botticino Marble, Biancone,  and Trani Fiorito.

Most beige marbles are sedimentary limestones.  In other words, hardened limestone.  Commercial tile applications such as shopping malls use a lot of beige marble.

The most popular size for these products is 12x12 and 12x24 tiles. There are other sizes and accessories available to use these tiles on most floor and wall applications.  You can use mosaics to dress up, or even borders.

Honed marble is trendy. The honed surface is convenient, and it does not show scratches or wear and tear as much as a polished surface.  Another recent trend is more textured marble finishes, such as sandblasted or brushed finishes.  Brushed finish makes the edges rounded, which is easier to install.