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Large Volume Ceramic Tiles

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1–21 of 31 products

Large Volume Ceramic Tiles

You can carry the elegance of ceramics in larger sizes everywhere in your home decoration. Large-volume ceramic tiles will be a suitable choice, especially for bathrooms and living rooms of your homes. Large ceramic tiles provide a more spacious appearance in the room they are located in. You can use these ceramic tiles in many areas of your home by combining them with many different alternatives. These ceramic tiles will not only make your home look smoother but will also bring a simple elegance.

Things To Know Before Tiling Large Ceramic Tiles

When we compare large-volume ceramic tiles with small ceramic tiles, here are some differences between them:

Small tiles are mainly used in areas such as backsplash and walls, while large tiles are mostly used in areas such as floor tiles and countertops.

  • Installing large tiles is generally quicker and easier since they cover more area with fewer tiles and fewer grout lines.
  • Small tiles are preferred for more mosaic tiles and detailed design, while large tiles are preferred to achieve a more minimal and modern aesthetic style.
  • Both large and small ceramic tiles are durable and can withstand wear and tear. The durability mainly depends on the quality of the ceramic material and the glazing applied.
  • A large volume ceramic tile can be preferred as both wall tile and floor tile. Additionally, this type of tile requires less grout than other types of tiles, making installation easier. We enjoy offering you ceramic tiles in many different scales, especially our Zellige look tiles collection!

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