12 Advantages of Natural Stone Tiles as Flooring Material

In this article, we’ll review the advantages of natural stone tiles. Here at Stone Tile Depot; our experts thought we’d take you on a factual trip back in time to show you the benefits of using natural stone as flooring tiles.

People used natural stone as a flooring material for thousands of years. In fact, ancient civilizations were expert masons who had sophisticated ways of extracting luxurious stones from quarries and using them to make tiles that would last years.

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Palaces, museums, monuments, and tombs were treated with the utmost respect, and only the best stone tiles would be used to decorate their interiors and if what we have seen is anything to go by, they were clearly ahead of their time.

Modern civilizations adopted the use of artificial synthetic tiles because their mass production is much cheaper, but soon consumers realized that they are not as good as natural ones.

Advantages of Natural Stone Tiles

advantages of natural stone

Consumers are now demanding more of natural stone tiles. Despite being a bit expensive compared to artificially manufactured tiles, natural stone is very cost-effective and much cheaper in the long-run if you decide to look at the bigger picture.

Modern architecture borrows a lot from historical architecture. It is where we get the blueprint for most of the methods we use in architecture up to this day. One of the most valuable lessons that we can borrow from ancient architects, is in regard to interior tiles. From long ago, the ancient designers knew that when you use natural stone, you get the best of both worlds: aesthetics and durability.

Read along and find out some of the historical landmarks that you probably didn`t know utilized natural flooring tiles and the exact type of stone they used:

Ancient examples of architectural landmarks that utilized natural stone tiles

Washington Monument in Washington DC

advantages of natural stone tile

No other high standing monument in the world combines natural stone than the Washington Monument. You will find Marble, Granite, and Sandstone altogether forming the beauty of this Monument that has beautified the skies of Washington since 1888.

The Taj Mahal

When you mention Marble, one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world that comes to mind is the Taj Mahal. Marble and precious stones were used to carve out this incredible piece of art that has stood the test of time. Completed in 1653, it has remained solid for centuries cementing Marble`s place as a durable stone for construction.

Pisa Cathedral in Italy

Pisa Cathedral

No ancient landmark exemplifies the use of Carrara Marble on its interior than the Pisa Cathedral. Completed in the 1300s, this beautiful Cathedral made from white and grey marble is a testament that you can never get it wrong with natural stone.

The Parthenon in Athens

advantages of natural stone tiles

The tiles used in the Parthenon were made out of Pentelic Marble. It`s significant to note that its completion popularized the use of this type of marble. It is also important to note that the temple`s foundation utilized a lot of limestones. The fact that it is still standing from way back in 438 BC up to this day is a clear indication of the durability of natural stone tile flooring.

The Colosseum

Completed in 80 AD, no ancient landmark signifies the beauty and durability of Travertine than the Colosseum. Even though some of the precious natural stones used to craft it have faded with time, the travertine parts have remained largely intact, further cementing travertine`s place as a lasting building stone.

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The fact that these structures remain largely intact today, surviving world wars, earthquakes, and other natural and manmade calamities and still manage to wow visitors is a sign that you can never get it wrong with natural stone tiles. They will outlast you and serve future generations.

What are the benefits of using natural stone flooring tiles?

There are so many benefits if you use this type of floor tiles. Because these benefits are too many, I will only highlight each of them without too much explanation. The benefits are actually self-explanatory, so here you go:

1. They are purely natural, and hence free of any industrial chemicals and additives.

This means that children can play on the floor, drop food and eat it (we all know how mischievous kids can get) and they won`t be harmed.

2. They don`t affect the quality of any indoor space air in any negative way since they only have their natural fragrance.

3. They are very eco-friendly

4. Natural stone tiles are good for heating.

Natural stones such as marble are very effective for those who heat floors during winter since marble is a good conductor of heat. It means that you won`t have to spend much of your electricity on heating since marble stores heat for a longer period of time.

5. Unique natural colors

Each tile has its unique colors and features, gained from the minerals that were deposited over thousands of years while forming it. This is an attribute that you can never get from industrially manufactured artificial tiles.

Features that have made natural stone flooring popular among homeowners

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6. It is easy to clean and disinfect

7. It is incombustible and non-flammable

8. It is water-resistant

9. It is mold resistant

10. It is crack resistant

11. It does not trap dust

12. Low maintenance and highly durable

With all the above-mentioned features, I wouldn`t even think twice about buying natural stone tiles. I would make it a priority. For all your natural stone tile flooring needs, we are with you.

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