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20+ Excellent Honed Marble Tiles Transform Your Interior Design

When it comes to contemporary design, honed marble tiles offer a sleek and elevated look as a flooring or wall tile option. Highly versatile, honed marble tiles can be applied on floors and walls, kitchens and bathrooms, and more. Additionally, there is a range of honed marble tile designs available, including large-format honed marble floor tiles and more delicate honed marble mosaic tiles.

From classic Carrara Marble to Dolomite Marble, we have carefully curated a selection of our best-selling honed marble tiles to transform your home.

What Is a Honed Finish?

A honed tile offers a more matte, softer look to tiles in contrast to classic polished finish tiles. Honed marble tiles have been buffered to offer a modern, approachable look. Their non-reflective finish has the benefit of being less slippery than polished marble tiles.

1. Light Honed Gray Marble Tile 12×24

This light gray honed marble offers a modern, understated look that makes it perfect as a honed marble floor tile option. It’s cool-toned hue works well with almost any interior design style, from more cool-toned to more warm-toned designs.

2. White Veined Honed Marble Tile 12×24

This white veined honed marble tile is simply stunning. The bold gray veins are beautifully showcased against the white background, and it makes for a statement floor tile.

3. Honed Black Marble Tile 12×12

The rich obsidian hue of this black-honed marble tile adds depth and dimension to spaces. Apply this tile as a honed marble floor tile to contrast against white walls.

4. Honed Cream Marble Tile 12×24


For something softer, consider this off-white cream-honed marble tile with subtle flecks of amber running through it. The result is a welcoming, warm-toned marble tile that works well in nature-inspired spaces.

5. Charcoal Black Honed Marble Tile 18×18

This honed black marble tile has a naturally textured look due to its veining. The result is a honed marble tile with a more weathered, natural feel in contrast to classic polished black marble tile.

6. Carrara Honed Marble Tile 12×24

It does not get more classic than Carrara-honed marble tile. The striking bold gray veins that run through the icy white surface of the marble tile reveal the organic beauty of marble tile.

7. Honed Black & White Marble Tile Mosaic

Black and white honed marble mosaic tile is one of the most popular trends of the year. Its bold contrasting look is an effortless way to add style and creativity to a space. Pair with understated, minimalist decorations to keep all the attention on the stunning floor tile.

8. Bella White Honed Marble Tile 12×24

This bright white honed marble tile with 12×24 dimensions has a subtle blue-toned hue that creates a light, airy atmosphere in spaces. Not how the bathroom pictured above applies this honed marble tile as both a floor and wall tile for a cohesive look.

9. Honed Hexagon Marble Tile

Honed marble hexagon tiles elevate the design of classic hexagon tiles. The natural elegance of marble adds an aura of sophistication. Choose an off-white marble tile or go cooler-toned with a gray marble hexagon tile.

10. Bianco Carrara Honed Marble Tile 12×24

Another one of our stunning Bianco Carrara honed marble tiles, this honed marble tile is understated and chic, making it the perfect floor tile for a variety of interior design styles.

11. Blue Honed Marble Tile 18×18

This large honed marble tile has a subtle gray shade. This particular tile works well indoors and outdoors due to its adaptable design. Its large format design opens spaces and makes them feel wider and more open.

12. Honed Herringbone Marble Tile

This honed herringbone marble tile adds an understated but stylish design to spaces. With a range of marble shades to choose from, there are a variety of honed marble herringbone tiles available. The one pictured above suits cool-toned kitchens with gray and white accents.

13. Honed Beige Marble Tile 12×24

This honed beige marble tile recalls traditional interior marble designs with a contemporary upgrade due to its honed finish. Balancing warm and cool tones, it suits minimalist spaces with similar hues of beige and wooden furniture.

14. Bardiglio Gray Marble 12×12 Tile Honed

This square bardiglio gray marble 12×12 tile honed almost appears blue in certain light. As a result, it is a stunningly unique honed marble tile that adds a subtle hint of color to most interiors.

15. Gray Honed Marble Floor Tile 12×24

This honed marble tile balances shades of brown and gray for a unique, rich shade of marble. This honed marble floor tile particularly suits bathroom and living room applications.

16. White Dolomite Marble Tile 12×24

This sleek white-honed marble tile is a true blank slate that can be adapted to your interior design needs. Its elongated look creates the illusion of extending spaces while its subtle white luminescent look creates an airy atmosphere.

17. Honed Marble Subway Tile

Honed marble subway tiles have a truly timeless feel that is a great investment. These honed marble tiles work well for both backsplash and shower applications.

18. 12×12 Honed Carrara Marble Tile

Note how this white Carrara marble tile works just as well as a wall tile application as it does for flooring.

19. Gray Veined Honed Marble Tile

The striking veins of this gray-veined honed marble tile are simply stunning. We recommend this tile for anyone seeking a uniquely patterned marble tile.

20. Pure White Honed Marble Tile

The near-perfect look of this bright white iceberg marble tile is incredibly elegant. Ideal for minimalist spaces, it diffuses natural light beautifully.

21. Veined Marble Honed Hexagon Tile

Last on our list is this chic honed marble hexagon tile which has shades of gray, blue, and white for a gorgeous design.

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