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20+ Gorgeous Polished Marble Tiles | What is Polished Marble?

There’s a reason why polished marble tile has dominated interior design for the past millennium. Elegant and timeless, it instantly adds an atmosphere of airiness to spaces by reflecting natural light.

Polished marble tiles have a glossy finish. Commonly used in interior design on floors and walls, it has a sleek, sophisticated look. Polished marble tiles are a highly popular choice for bathrooms because they offer moisture resistance if regularly re-sealed.

Polished marble tile does have one flaw to consider. Unlike honed marble tile, which has a matte finish, polished marble is more slippery when wet. Therefore, make use of bath mats if you have polished marble bathroom floors.

Here are our top best-selling gorgeous polished quality tile marble options for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more.

1. Bianco Dolomiti White Marble Floor Tiles

We’re starting off our list with a classic. This white marble floor tile with a polished finish has a straight vein cut that offers a streamlined look. This white marble tile is ideal for bathroom floor installations since it makes spaces feel bright and airy.

2. Royale Beige Marble 18×18 Tile

For a more warmer look, consider this light beige marble tile with 18×18 dimensions. This tile is highly versatile and adaptable, making it well-suited for a variety of spaces. This tile can be installed in living rooms for a neutral floor tile look or in kitchens to add a touch of warmth.

3. Polished Black Marble Tiles

This stunning black marble tile has striking white veins interspersed throughout. The result is instant elegance encapsulated in a marble tile. The polished finish of this tile adds to the luxurious feel, and it suits kitchen backsplash and bathroom wall applications. Or, install it as a black marble floor tile.

4. Gray Veined Polished White Marble Tile

This white polished marble tile has streaks of gray that provide a more muted look. It works well with both minimalist and nature-inspired designs due to its soft cool-toned look. Note how in the image above, the gray-veined white polished marble cohesively pairs with the gray sofa and wood furniture.

5. Patterned Beige And White Marble Tile

These vintage-inspired beige marble mosaic tiles have an art deco look that is incredibly stylish. Its symmetrical geometric pattern adds an artistic element to spaces without overwhelming them. We recommend this marble mosaic tile for kitchen floor installations or hallway entrances.

6. Smoky Gray Polished Marble Tile

This polished gray marble tile has a smoky look that’s simply stunning. Incredibly elegant, it has a soft and diffused look that works well in organic modern spaces or loft-style interiors. Install this tile in your living room, bathroom, and kitchen; it looks great everywhere.

7. Blue Marble Tile

Blue marble tile has a soothing pastel look. Its cool-toned hue works well against white walls and a minimalist interior design. Install this blue and gray marble floor tile in bathrooms for a clean, light look that recalls bright glaciers.

8. Violet Veined Marble Tile

This incredible violet-veined marble tile is one of the most stunning marble tiles in our collection. The veins naturally form a work of art in which every tile is different. The background of the marble is a soft white beige, which adds some warmth to the space. The result is an absolutely gorgeous polished marble tile.

9. White Hexagon Marble Tile

This hexagon marble tile backsplash kitchen showcases the subtle beauty of white marble tile without making the space feel overcrowded and busy. This gentle white tone of the tile imbues the space with airiness and works cohesively with a variety of colors.

10. Amber Veined Marble Floor Tile

This amber-veined beige marble floor tile is one of the most unique tiles in our collection. It has subtle touches of gold which look gorgeous in natural light. If you want to showcase the beauty of nature, then this tile is perfect. It works well with nature-inspired, organic spaces or warm-toned interior designs.

11. Neutral Gray Large Marble Tile

This gray large has 12×24 dimensions. It suits large, open spaces and works well as a neutral floor tile for a variety of interior design looks. We love the look of this Scandinavian kitchen with its organic modern accents. The versatility of the floor tile means it works well with wood and metal furnishings.

12. Gray and White Marble Mosaic Tile

This marble tile backsplash kitchen showcases one of our designs inspired by the marble mosaic tiles of antiquity. The mesh of various shades of blue, gray, and white marble creates a harmonious and calming look for this kitchen space. It adds a stylish, striking element to kitchen and bathroom spaces. For an alternative look, consider this marble mosaic tile for shower and bathroom installations as well.

13. Marble Herringbone Tile

This marble herringbone tile is made of gray-white Carrara marble. Herringbone tile is a great option for anyone seeking to add a unique design element that’s simultaneously understated. This herringbone marble backsplash tile looks incredible when paired with white marble countertops and sleek white kitchen cabinets.

14. Calacatta Green Marble Floor Tile

Another one of our strikingly colorful polished marble tiles, is this green-veined marble tile against a cream background. If you want to bring some nature indoors, then this marble tile is a great choice. We love the. look of it when paired with wooden and brass furniture elements.

15. White Marble Subway Tile

Perfect as a white marble subway tile backsplash, this white marble tile has a very popular and versatile look. It looks incredible for both kitchen applications and shower installations. Take the bathrooms pictured above for example.

16. Beige and Blue Marble Mosaic Floor Tile

This classic polished marble mosaic floor tile recalls Roman flooring. As a result, it has an elegant and timeless look inspired by antiquity.

17. Beige Polished Marble Slides

These beige polished marble mosaic slides are inspired by natural rock faces. Blending modern and natural looks, it looks great as a marble wall tile.

18. White Carrara Marble Tiles

This white marble tile bathroom highlights the beautiful simplicity of bright white marble tile. If you can’t decide on the right choice for your flooring tile, then sometimes simple is the best option.

19. Arabesque Marble Floor Tile

This gray marble tile is inspired by the stunning flowing lines of arabesque design. The interlocking circles add a stylish accent as a flooring tile.

20. Calacatta Gold Marble Mosaic Tile

This white marble mosaic tile has a miniature look that adds detail to the wall tile. Install this option as either a kitchen backsplash, bathroom wall, or shower marble tile look.

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