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2024 Porcelain Tile Ideas to Use in Your Home

Porcelain tile may seem trendy, but it is actually a tile choice that is gaining lasting appeal. With this in mind, envision all the wonderful changes you can make inside your home with the addition of porcelain tile. Learn 2023 porcelain tile ideas today with this post.

Porcelain is durable, hardwearing, and virtually stain-resistant so it is great in kitchen areas, bathrooms, and other high-traffic home spaces. Thanks to modern textile advancements porcelain tile has colors, shapes, finishes, and patterns that can make every room in your home showroom worthy.

If you want to know what’s to come in porcelain tile for 2023 take a look at these eight fantastic new trends. These porcelain tile ideas are sure to take the interior design world by storm in the coming year.

Check out the following designs and get a head start on the latest and greatest ways to use porcelain tile.

Introducing the Top 8 Porcelain Tile Trends for 2024

Each of the following porcelain tile ideas is symbolic of the newest mode of interior design using porcelain tile in its various applications. Hopefully one or more of these design ideas will be enough for your porcelain floor tile searches.

1. Glossy and High-Gloss Tiles

blue porcelain bathroom tile

When you think of shine, think of glossy porcelain tile. Our porcelain tile selections are nothing short of stunning. Glossy porcelain tile is sure to liven up any space where it is installed due to its high sheen and glow. This blue glossy tile, for example, makes bathroom walls gleam with a sleek, sophisticated style. This glossy tile is also suitable for interior floors so don’t be afraid to think out of the box. Apart from having a glossy subway tile make a difference, blue and white porcelain combinations will be trending this year too. 

Check out black glossy tile, glossy white subway tile, and more options below:

You can take a look at our top 10 bathroom tile trends if you only looking for this purpose.

2. Large-Format Tiles

24x24 porcelain tile


Large-format porcelain tile says several things – grand, sleek, modern, and stylish. If you want to enhance these features then go with bright-colored porcelain to also make your chosen space look larger. Our 24 x 24 porcelain tile Bianco S Polished is finished with a subtle sheen that will make any area feel breathable and light.  This Kavala white porcelain tile looks amazing on the floors.

Large-format tiles eliminate the busy and cluttered look that sometimes happens with smaller tiles. If the space your remodeling is on is smaller, you can use this trend to make the room appear much more open and elevated. Don’t look more for large-format tile shower ideas. Bianco S Porcelain tile’s durability and luxury look will be sufficient for your all needs.

3. Hexagon and Honeycomb Tiles

porcelain hexagon tile


Hexagon or honeycomb-shaped porcelain tiles are making a huge splash in 2023. The shape of these tiles is fun and they add a touch of drama to otherwise ordinary-looking spaces. If the dynamic shape of these tiles is not enough to spark your design interests, then consider patterned hexagon tiles. Our porcelain hexagon tiles come in 8 x 10” and are the perfect combination for those looking to make their flooring a visual focal point.


4. Marble-Look Tiles


What is more luxe than marble? Nothing, really, but our marble-look porcelain tile is certainly runner-up. If you want the high-elegance of marble in your shower we have porcelain that mimics the look of the finest varieties of marble on today’s market. Our Gray Porcelain Tile is one of the marvelous examples of how far porcelain tile has come. It is a perfect gray example of cavalier gray porcelain tile. This porcelain tile for shower walls and floors with gray veining looks as exquisite as the real thing.

You can have the look of marbled luxury with porcelain tile. With porcelain, you also have added durability due to porcelain’s density and low porosity. For the ones who are curious about easy clean marble look porcelain tiles, read our blog post dedicated to this topic.

5. Porcelain Wood Tile

wood look porcelain tile no grout


Think porcelain tile is just for bathrooms and kitchens? Then think again. Porcelain tile has so many finish options available that there are looks that would work in nearly every space of your home. Our wood porcelain tiles are stunning and the most natural wood-look porcelain tile that rivals any hardwood style available today.

One major advantage of porcelain tile that looks like wood is the strength of the tile which makes it longer-lasting and lower maintenance than actual wood flooring. Think beyond traditional spaces for porcelain and consider using this natural-looking porcelain tile in your living room, hallway, or bedroom. However of course, if you want to have forest thyme in your bathroom, these tiles are amazing as porcelain tile shower walls.

You can check out our warm wood look tile trend blog post to see how different colors and styles of wood porcelain tiles add characteristics to floors and walls.


6. Metallic Tiles

metallic tiles floor pavers

Metallic porcelain tile is truly a unique choice. Metallics get a bad rap for being too trendy, but when done correctly metallics look high-end and high-quality. You can go vivid with full metallic porcelain tile or take the more subtle route. Stone look porcelain tiles are amazing options for outdoor porcelain tiles plus they look metallic for some of them because of their natural structure. This 2023 porcelain tile idea will look glorious well beyond the year.

7. Geometric Tiles


Geometry is just for the classroom. Even if you aren’t a math whizz you may be able to appreciate the glory of geometric-shaped tiles. Chevron porcelain tile is the epitome of visual style because it’s eye-catching and available in a massive number of beautiful shades and finishes. Our Peau D’Elephant Matte Porcelain Tile looks picturesque on the floor and walls. Chevron styles are always energetic choices for interior home designs that look amazing with complementary colors and vivid abstracts.

8. Patterned Tiles

porcelain tile pattern

Porcelain tile pattern steals the show when placed on floors, and walls. In Tile Trends 2024, you can expect to find homes all over the country using this daring tile idea to liven up drab spaces.

Patterned tile is a simple interior design move with a dramatic payoff. Adding patterned tile to your kitchen walls or bedroom walls will draw the eye to the area and create a great contrast with appliances and accents. Find the best 2024 porcelain tile ideas as you wish. If you want to take patterns to other interior hotpots, think of designing an accent wall with porcelain tile in your bedroom or dining area. Our white porcelain tiles with grey patterns would be a wonderful addition to those rooms.

Make a Statement in 2024 with Porcelain Tile

Start the new year off right with a newly upgraded interior space inside your home or office. Use one or more of these porcelain tile trends to transform your kitchen, bathroom, entryway, mudroom, and more. You cannot go wrong with high-quality porcelain tile in the home. Choose Stone Tile Depot for your new porcelain tile and count on our quality to hold up in your 2024 home design.

Explore more of our porcelain tiles. We have a plethora of unique styles, shapes, and color options available for your home.