6 Benefits of Joining Our Trade Program Now!

There are many advantages to being an exclusive member of our trade program. It doesn’t matter if you buy one product or 500 units; being a member of our trade program provides more significant benefits than those offered by other options. There are at least seven benefits to joining our trade program when ordering tiles or natural stones.





Discounted Samples & Binders

The first benefit is “discounted samples and binders.” Stone Tile Depot offers discounted samples and binders to help you get started with a new project. You’ll also have access to a wide variety of products. We offer an exclusive selection of tile and natural stone, so you’ll never have to worry about running out of options!



Exclusive Project & Volume Pricing

The second benefit is “product exclusivity.” When negotiating prices for wholesale items, the trade discount can provide exclusive access to tiles that may not be available in other stores or at competitive rates from our manufacturers. This kind of advantage might include getting your hands on specialty items before they are released for general retail sales. 

Buying specific colors, glazes, finishes, or sizes that aren’t readily available elsewhere, and obtaining special order discounts when ordering large quantities are some of these benefits.



Fast & Affordable Shipping

The third benefit is fast and affordable shipping. Stone Tile Depot has partnered with preferred carriers that will deliver goods directly to the job site. We are confident that our shipping rates will always be competitive with those of other suppliers in the industry, which means you can save money by ordering from us without sacrificing quality!


Better Quality Items

Fourth benefit: Buying items directly from the manufacturer means better quality items. The distributor or retailer may not always have access to the best available materials on your behalf, and they also might have limited inventory at any given point in time since their selection changes frequently with new shipments arriving periodically. 

That’s why trade professionals should visit our showroom or website and speak one-on-one with our knowledgeable staff about what we offer here, among other resources like free samples and binders.



Direct Access To Dedicated Specialist

Fifth benefit: When you are a member of our trade program, you’ll have direct access to our dedicated trade specialist. This person will help you navigate the process of finding what you need through our extensive selection and providing detailed information about pricing, availability, delivery times, payment terms, and more.


325,000 Square Feet Warehouse

Sixth benefit: When you buy from a factory or distributor located hundreds or thousands of miles away, it can be challenging to get the product quickly when needed – sometimes by weeks. However, we are just around the corner because we have depots both on the east and west coasts. We are shipping from the closest warehouse, which saves you a lot of time when you make your order.

We have a 325,000-square-foot warehouse to store the products you need. At Stone Tile Depot, we are always trying to improve our service and make it better for everyone.

Suppose you are a general contractor, builder/developer, sub-contractor, interior designer, architect, or a tile store. In that case, you are one step away from being a trade professional and accessing the great benefits. Please apply to our trade program now!