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Beautiful Decorative Porcelain Tile For Your Private and Commercial Spaces

Decorative porcelain tiles can be great for interior design because they have many appealing characteristics. Great colors and designs, well-built structure, and versatility as both wall and floor tiles mean that this offering will be an excellent choice for anybody.

Our range of affordable porcelain tiles is something that we’re very proud of because it provides a few different options for people. Let us glance at a few of the best choices so you know what’s on offer.

decorative porcelain tile

The Basics

Let’s start this off by looking at some of the most basic porcelain tiles out there. Any of these decorative porcelain tile options would be an excellent choice for your home because they are flexible and beautiful all at the same time.

So, a great example of some tiles we have might be this Grigio Luce Matte Porcelain Tile. As a design, this is pretty indicative of what porcelain tiles can offer. It looks great, has plenty of colors, and is an affordable tile. It would be suitable for use on the walls, it would be good for the floor, and you can probably use it in most places, whether this is a kitchen, living room, or bathroom.

Alternatively, if that doesn’t interest you, you could always go for something a bit brighter like this Tartan Buff Matte Porcelain Tile. It’s a great offering, and it has quite a few different options for getting the best results. It’s called the same unique color and excellent porcelain tile design as the first option, but it also has a very useful yellow streak, which helps to brighten it up and looks great.

8 Most Asked Questions About Porcelains

1- Are porcelain tiles worth it?

This product has an extremely long lifecycle. The material is hard, virtually impervious to staining, and very easy to maintain. Porcelain tiles are also fashion-forward and offer the consumer a wide variety of styles to choose from. While it is difficult to quantify worth, a long-lasting, fashionable product like this one is a good example of a worthy choice.

2- Which is the best porcelain tile?

The best porcelain tile is the one that best fits the budget, the technical requirements, and the design plan. It is also installed correctly and in a timely fashion. However, there is always a wide variety of subjective and personal factors that go into anything aspiring to be called the “best.” We can help you choose wisely.

3- Is porcelain tile good for commercial use?

Yes. It is an excellent choice for commercial settings due to a variety of technical factors. Porcelain tiles have extremely low water absorption. Therefore, they deter staining and are easily maintained. The product is also inordinately hard, with a high breaking strength that will help it resist the rigors of a typical commercial application.

4- Which tiles are best for commercial use?

The best tiles for commercial use will address maintenance, slip resistance, durability, and design plan requirements. Porcelain tiles have low a water absorption rate that eases maintenance, high breaking strength and hardness for durability, the correct coefficient of friction for slip resistance, and they are fashion forward.

5- Do porcelain tiles crack easily?

Porcelain tiles have high breaking and compressive strengths, as required in ASTM testing. This tells us that, in conjunction with a proper Tile Council of America type installation, this product is highly resistant to cracking. In summary, when the installation bed supports the tile properly, all should be well. This will hold true in both commercial and residential applications.

6- What flooring do you put in a commercial kitchen floor?

The best flooring for a commercial kitchen is the one that meets a client’s requirements for both slip and stain resistance, has overall ease of maintenance, is hygienic, and has a generally clean, acceptable appearance. Porcelain tiles are typically impervious to even the most aggressive staining agents found in the kitchen environment. The wide range of colors and styles also assure a satisfying and durable appearance.

7- What do you put on commercial kitchen walls?

Porcelain tiles are a superb choice. As discussed elsewhere in this series of FAQs, the kitchen environment demands ease of maintenance, hygienic functionality, and at least some level of visual appeal. This type of tile is vitreous — meaning it has almost no water absorption — which contributes to easy cleaning and high levels of hygiene. The wide selection of colors, patterns, and styles assure the aesthetics.

8- What are the factors to consider for commercial tile flooring?

Commercial floors have a series of basic technical requirements. They need to be relatively easy to maintain; cannot be slippery, especially when exposed to potentially wet feet; must be durable; and must be relatively simple to install. Porcelain tiles have low water absorption for easy cleaning, have a high coefficient of friction for slip resistance, and the installation steps are well known. A perfect match.

Darker Porcelain

If you want the exceptional design of a decorative porcelain tile without dealing with the large amounts of color and bright patterns, some of these options will work for you, which is helpful. A fabulous example might be something like the Nero Matte Porcelain Tile, especially given the timeless nature of black in design.×8-1-2/

This kind of tile is a good option because you have darker colors, which work well when decorating a bathroom or kitchen. Not everything needs to be bright and loud; there are options where dark colors would work just as well. As an affordable tile, this can fit into a broad range of different situations, making it a great choice.

The Colorful

Not everybody wants the more intricate patterns of some decorative porcelain tiles or the darker colors of others. Some need access to just colors, which is fine because we have a couple of tile products that can facilitate this.

Two good examples are the Senape Matte Porcelain Tile and the Aragosta Matte Porcelain Tile. These tiles are suitable because they have a few different options entirely regarding how you do things. They look fantastic, and they continue to provide variety for both wall tile and floor tile.

If you’re looking for suitable tiles for interior design, then you’ve come to the right place with these. You could even use them together and have alternating colors for a great pattern. There are plenty of different options with something like this, so you have to be prepared to stop and experiment.

Decorative Porcelain Tile – Final Thoughts

So, when it comes to decorative porcelain tiles, you need to ensure you have the best options for interior design. Decorative porcelain tiles can be a great resource, but they require you to think a bit about selection and where you put them. However, once you figure this out, you’ll see that we do have a range of affordable porcelain tiles for you to discover.

decorative porcelain tile

Decorative porcelain tiles can be great because they have a range of colors and can fit pretty much anywhere, so you are welcome to experiment with them and find out your ideal tile combination. Because the options range from just block colors to more intricate patterns, you can pick and choose how you do things without any problems.

These affordable tiles would suit many interior design spaces, whether wall tiles or floor tiles. Designed to do both quite effectively, so you should check out what options we have available, as there are others besides these in the collection.