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Bianco Dolomite Marble

Bianco Dolomite Marble, one of the best-known marbles, is used in many prestigious monuments in Greece and Turkey. Marble has been the symbol of all civilizations, and it is a gift of nature to us.

Dolomite is a type of milky white marble that comes from the Island of Marmara near Istanbul or Drama area in Northern Greece.

The reason Bianco Dolomite Marble is prevalent is that it is a warm milky white color as opposed to more gray whites like Sivec marble, or White Carrara.

Bianco Dolomite Marble sizes and formats:

The limitation of this particular marble is the availability and size. In general, it is difficult to get large size tiles like 24×24 or 36×36 large formats.  In smaller sizes like 12×12 and 12×24, availability is easier.  The purity of the marble is also difficult, as the quarry has veins with brown, or pink colors.  These thin veins run in all directions, and they are unique and beautiful.

As with most Bianco dolomite Marbles,  it is a softer white and does not take a high polish. For this reason, a honed finish is trendy, and it looks the best.  Unlike some marbles, pure white marbles are not directional.  Dolomite from Turkey looks more directional, and thin gray veins run horizontal to the tile.  Quarries in Greece can run more crosscut.  Crosscut means that veins look like a spiderweb on the tile.

In fact,  one particular quarry in Greece produces white dolomite with thin brown and pink veins. This particular is called Spider.

Bianco Dolomite Spider Marble
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Bianco Dolomite marble has a white color, and white marble is a sign of elegance. Architects use this marble for bathroom area tiles in offices and residential floors.

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