Budget Black Marble

Budget Black Marble Is still black marble and as such has always been a classic design staple around which you can create almost any scheme. That’s all good. Now let’s break down the color that is black and the medium that farmaciareale is marble.

Starting with the color, we have to accept that our friends in the scientific community will tell us that black is not a color at all. Rather, black is the absence of all light, and therefore all color. In the design world, white and black are essential and distinct colors. This is, again a conceptual difference from how they are treated in physics. Enough with the science, you get the point.

In culture and society black can be quite sobering given the connection with doom and death. However, in fashion and design black is associated with a sense of glamour. We all know terms like “basic black”, “black tie”, etc. After all, how timelessly elegant is the iconic star, Audrey Hepburn shown below?

Budget black marble
via WikiCommons

Marble is very straight forward. It has been used as a flooring, a wall covering, a paving material, a vanity/counter top, a sculpted element, etc., etc, for centuries. All those applications are just as valid and current in 2018.

In conclusion, our budget black marble is there for you in almost any design scheme and with a budget friendly vibe. Thanks for reading!