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Calacatta Gold Marble Sale

Calacatta Gold Marble Sale

Calacatta Gold Marble Applications and Usage

Calacatta Gold Marble is a premium white stone featuring gray veins interspersed with accenting color values from the gold family. Finest homes and public spaces have been using this sophisticated stone for centuries.

Calacatta Gold Marble comes from the Apuana region of Italy. The most famous city in this area is Carrara city up in the mountains. Gold Veins against a milky white background is the essential determining factor of this marble. Calacatta Gold refers to many different marbles that come to this region. Statuary quarries also produce some that look like Calacatta Marble. Quarries owned by Betoglia family is considered one of the best quarries for this family. Calacatta Marble also includes Calacatta Carrara, Calacatta Classic, and some shades of the Arabescato quarries.

Now here is a question. What is the difference between Carrara and Calacatta? After all, these are two of the most famous stones in the World. Here is a reasonable answer. Carrara usually has a less “pure” white base, from a color tone basis. The primary background color typically has a more gray value. Carrara marble is more abundant and more natural to quarry. Carrara marble blocks are more prominent and have less waste. This is one reason you will see more Carrara Marble in the market. They are all some of the best natural materials available to humankind.

What Makes good quality Calacatta Gold Marble?

In general milky background with open veins of gray-beige veins that are evenly distributed is considered the best quality. Some of the blocks may have small natural holes, and these holes should be filled with an epoxy filler that matches the background.

Slabs of Calacatta Gold are particularly challenging to find. They are a tiny percentage of overall production. This becomes more pronounced with more massive slabs for countertops of marble. Calacatta Marble slabs are tough to find, and they are expensive. Book-matched slabs make this material even more beautiful. Slabs are polished on opposite sides to achieve matching veins.

Applications of Calacatta Gold Marble

Office lobby walls, as well as boutique hotels, use these slabs in end match or book match to create a dramatic marble wall. Matching these slabs is a piece of art, and it is only mastered by the best marble craftsmen.

This marble is also one of the best marbles for carving. The city of Pietrasanta in Tuscany ( near Carrara ) hosted some of the best sculptures in the World. The best blocks of this marble, as well as Statuary marble, are chosen for carving. These carved stones can be columns for custom home interior decoration or commercial space ornaments.

One other common application is custom carved bathtubs or sinks. These solid pieces of carved stone are a perfect accompaniment to floor and wall tiles. These sinks are extremely difficult to carve, and the smallest mistake can make the whole piece of art turn into a waste.

Decorative Mosaics and its applications

However, nothing matches the beauty of good quality, Calacatta Gold tiles. These tiles are often accompanied by matching mosaics. Multiple cutting machines produce these mosaics. Also, many designers use tiles made by waterjet technology. Some of the designs are very popular, like arabesque shape or floral marble designs.  Waterjet mosaics can be designed in many different shapes and forms. You can have them as accent pieces among a field of tiles.  Furthermore,  some of the decorative marbles can be used as marble medallions or border pieces.

Another late trend is to use Calacatta Gold marble with pieces of wood or glass. Teak wood, in particular, is a unique ornament for waterjet designs. Teak makes the marble warm, and it can be used in many applications.



MarbleThe World of marble is very involved from the standpoint of a potential consumer. There are many different types of stone quarried from countries all over the World. Merriam Webster says that marble is “limestone that is more or less crystallized by metamorphism, that ranges from granular to compact in texture, that is capable of taking a high polish, and that is used especially in architecture and sculpture.” That is certainly a mouthful.

Hopefully, this post has provided you with some useful background information on Calacatta Gold Marble. Now check out our Calacatta Gold Polished 18×18 on sale right now. Thanks very much for reading.