Calacatta Gold Marble Sale

Calacatta Gold Marble Sale

Calacatta Gold Marble is a premium white stone featuring gray veins interspersed with accenting color values from the gold family. Make no mistake, this is an ultra-sophisticated stone that has been used for centuries in the finest homes and public spaces.

The world of marble is very complex from the standpoint of a potential consumer. There are many different types of stone quarried from countries all over the world. Merriam Webster says that marble is “limestone that is more or less crystallized by metamorphism, that ranges from granular to compact in texture, that is capable of taking a high polish, and that is used especially in architecture and sculpture.” That is certainly a mouthful.

Now here is a question. What is the difference between Carrara and Calacatta? After all, these are two of the most famous stones in the world. Here is a reasonable answer. Carrara usually has a less “pure” white base, from a color tone basis. The basic background color typically has a more gray value.


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