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Ultimate Cement Tile Guide


The first thing that comes to your mind while thinking of cement tiles is,

Can cement tiles be used in the shower?

As we know, concrete tiles are not that water-resistant. These are also said to stain easily. Even the most high-quality tile in the market is porous to moisture and stains. Hence, installing them on the bathroom floors, walls, and showers is not recommended. You can still install them on bathroom floors and walls with a sealant to prevent moisture absorption.

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'Cement tile for sale'

–> In the shower, it can’t be used.

Although mainly preferred for classic interiors, cement tiles have increased in recent years, almost making it a trend in contemporary residential and commercial properties. Some of the gorgeous patterns that we see these days on social media result from this trend and are a hint to the customers’ preferences.

Undoubtedly, the encaustic cement tiles take home décor to another level. There is no shortage of options for people with different choices with various color patterns and designs.

It will not be wrong to say that it is one of the trendiest wall tiles for budget-conscious homeowners.

So, if you are planning to install cement tiles, go for it! But make sure you read through this post thoroughly.

The inherent benefits of installing cement tiles

Why should you even consider installing cement tiles when there are so many other options?

Apart from aesthetics, these tiles provide you with tons of benefits in functionality. Read on!

Anti-slip properties

These tiles are slip-resistant. It is best to choose suitable tiles for the feet without causing accidents, be it home or commercial properties. And the cement tiles fit this need perfectly.

These offer a smooth and silky feel but are also anti-slip. Hence, these are suitable for places with high foot traffic, especially in the bathrooms.


The manufacturing process of concrete tiles involves a lot of pressure (2000 pounds to be precise) without any glaze or kiln. Therefore, these tiles are incredibly durable, almost lasting a lifetime with proper maintenance and regular cleaning.

The cement tiles are also resistant to daily wear and tear, chips, and cracks, so you can say that these are low-maintenance tiles perfect for any household or commercial property. If you can maintain the tiles properly, the color also ceases to fade over the years, keeping them as good as new.


As mentioned earlier, the cement tiles can be maintained without much hassle. While glazed tiles can lose their sheen quickly, wood floors are more conducive to a high moisture-absorption rate. All you have to do is clean the tiled floor with a natural cleaning solution and get rid of stains and grease instantly with a wet mop.


Now, if you are into sustainable home décor, the cement tiles can be your best bet. These are mostly handmade and manufactured using natural processes with minimum energy requirements. So, you can be a part of the green movement by using these tiles.

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How to install cement tiles in the bathroom?

While installing cement tiles in the bathroom, you need to maintain specific guidelines. First of all, choose the tiles that match the interiors of your bathroom. Measure the area where you want to install the tiles and make sure you add an extra 20% so that you have enough tiles to recoup for loss or damages during the installation. Now add some flexible adhesives over the area and start laying the tiles. However, do not forget to clean the area before you begin the work.

It is recommended to keep 1mm of space on either side of each tile for the grout. After you are done, use a rubber hammer to make the tiles fit well into the adhesive. Do not use too much force; just tap them gently. If needed, cut the sides of some of the encaustic cement tiles so that they fit well in the area. You should let the tiles sit for about 48 hours on the adhesive before grouting. Use a sponge to apply the grout after that period. Choose the grout according to the color of the tiles and the interiors of the rest of the bathroom. You should ensure that all the gaps are filled and remove the excess grout with a scarper. Keep it again, untouched, for another 24 hours. Now, you just have to seal the tiles to make them impermeable to moisture.

Throughout this entire period, you should not use the bathroom or walk on the tiles. Make all necessary preparations in advance, so that the installation process does not hamper your regular lifestyle.

How to ensure slip resistance in cement tiles

While most of the cement tiles are anti-slip in nature, some can get slippery when wet. You should go for unpolished tiles and minimize buffing after installation. If you buff the tiles too much, they will tend to get more slippery. Refrain from using topcoat sealer and use penetrating sealers instead. The former may reduce the natural slip resistance feature.

Where to buy high-quality cement tiles?

Our collection of encaustic cement tiles at Stone Tile Depot is one of the most extensive and highly exclusive in terms of costs, durability, and features. Further, each tile at our store is honed after the regular tile drying process, making them smoother and more uniform. It also increases the thickness of the tiles and makes them easier to install. We use natural and high-quality dyes to make sure that the colors of the tiles are consistent and long-lasting. Besides, we run several quality tests before shipping the tiles. Last but not least, we pack the tiles in premium carton boxes so that humidity or weather changes do not affect the color of our tiles.

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Is cement tile expensive?

Not in our store, at least. We offer amazing discounts on bulk purchases so that you do not have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket. We are, in fact, one of the most affordable cement tile shops online. If you are looking for cement floor tiles that do not cost a fortune, look no further. Shop the Handmade Collection here.