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Dreaming Of A White Bathroom This Summer

A white bathroom can be a refreshing and calming space in your home. It is also the perfect backdrop for adding some of your favorite colors, textures, patterns, and trinkets to create a unique décor that reflects your personality!

People will use different avenues when searching for inspiration. Some may look towards the seasons regarding their subsequent makeover. Whereas others may be focused on the holidays when giving the home some new character.

The truth is there is no right or wrong avenue when it comes to inspiration. It simply needs to be implemented in the right way. As such, the festive period can be the perfect source of inspiration and can be the foundation of several designs.

Of course, access to the appropriate materials is an integral part of bringing a vision to life. That is why we work hard to ensure that there is a wide choice of tiles that meet the requirements of all makeovers, regardless of their inspiration.

If you want to inject the festive glee of white into the home this summer and beyond, you have many choices to consider.


Using white can be considered drab in some instances. But this does not have to be the case. Those wanting to make use of the spacious qualities of white are often surprised at just how many options are available.

Regardless of whether you want white to be prevalent in the bathroom or work in partnership with other colors and textures, the Stone Tile Depot has a wide selection of choices regarding your merry makeover.

Alpina White Honed Marble Tiles

If you love a white bathroom atmosphere, you will adore what the Alpina White Marble Tiles offer. As well as offering the same subtle glow of sunshine, you are also using a tile designed to last and be easy to maintain.

If you are searching for a bright white that is not blinding and helps create the illusion of a spacious bathroom, then the Alpina White Honed Marble Tiles are for you.

The tile personifies the crisp and gleeful atmosphere of a snowy day while being designed to ensure that the bathroom reminds a comfortable respite when the festivities become too much.

Of course, a makeover is not just for summer or winter, and using Alpine White Honed Marble Tiles can ensure you are getting the full leverage of your bathroom thanks to their robust nature.

Alpina White Honed Lattice Marble Mosaics

Whereas some people will want to use it solely, others may be looking for interjections of other colors. Black and white have always been the perfect combination, and this is personified perfectly by the Alpina White Honed Lattice Marble Mosaics.

Sleek black lines with faint white veins are partnered with a smoldering white to offer a tile that looks luxurious in all parts of the home, especially the bathroom.

Alpina White Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaics

The use of white does not have to be limited to one style or shape, ensuring that the application of white never lacks luster. Using Alpina White Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaics in the bathroom can ensure you’re able to take advantage of an inspiring white, while also having originality in the form of a hexagonal design.

Of course, even those wanting to introduce other colors into the bathroom will find that using Alpine White Honed Hexagon Marble Mosaics allows for an abundance of different decor ideas.


Alpina White Honed Base Marble Moldings

When using the coming season as inspiration for a makeover, it is not only the tiles that need to be considered. Using moldings can add a layer of character to any room, including the bathroom.

Just as there is a wide amount of choice regarding tiles at Stone Tile Depot, there is just as much choice available concerning moldings, as made evident by the Alpine White Honed Base Marble Moldings. As well as being the perfect addition to any white bathroom, they are also affordable.

It is easy to assume that using white leaves little scope for inspiration. But nothing could be further from the truth.  Of course, you must style the bathroom so it conforms to the rest of the season, but the vast amount of choice in the modern age means this is not only possible but also affordable.