Stone in a backyard

Stone in a Backyard

Stone in a Backyard is a prelude to summer,   and you’re about to be spending more time in your backyard playing with kids or relaxing with a cold drink and a good book. Your yard is a natural extension of your home and it should reflect that. Integrating nature and comfort can be tricky but when you’re hosting the neighbors for a barbecue, nothing beats natural stone for texture and sophistication. So let’s do this thing:  Stone in a Backyard.

Create a Natural Stone Patio for Stone in a Backyard

It makes sense to start closest to the house by adding a natural stone patio. A patio can give even small yards added appeal and comfort. Patios are additions that are often overlooked because of their high functionality but when made from stone, they are extremely durable and attractive. The versatility of a natural stone patio can’t be overstated because they can work with virtually any landscaping style. There is no shortage of tutorials online showing how to do it yourself but keep in mind that this type of project will involve plenty of elbow grease. However, when you’re done, it comes with the satisfaction of not only adding value to your property but adding function and comfort to your life.

Add a Stone Pool Deck
Adding a natural stone deck to your pool takes a bit of planning and know-how but it is really the only way to integrate it naturally. For above-ground pools use interlocking stones to create a nice contemporary look around the pool. Not only will the stone last longer than wood decking but it adds more to the property value as well. For inground pools, why paint concrete to look like natural stone when actual natural stone is just as affordable and adds more value?

Warm Up with a Fire Pit
Nothing adds comfort and warmth to a yard more than the glow of the fire in a natural stone pit. When entertaining and having company what better place to have great conversation over wine and roasting marshmallows. You could add a fantastic new focal point to your yard in a weekend or two by following one of the many DIY tutorials found online.
Hide Out Under a Pergola

The best backyards have a nice mixture of texture, color, and shape but the real champion of summer is shade. The problem with shade is it moves around depending on the time of day. A great solution that adds both functionality and visual appeal is a pergola. You can integrate natural stone into your pergola project in many different ways from column bases to patios. You can create new spaces or just define a new area in your yard that serves as a nice cool space on hot days. A pergola to help define the different areas of your yard and create a cool place to hang out on hot days.

Keep It Neat with a Stone Path
If you have created multiple new spaces, connecting them with a natural stone path is the next logical step. Even if you just want to invite exploration, a natural stone path is a simple and easy way to add interest. The trick to a stellar stone path is to not try to take shortcuts during installation. Take the time to follow directions by removing soil, moistening the ground, adding sand, tamping and leveling, and then placing the rocks on the sand. This will ensure that the stones will stay in place and be level with the grass.