Four Tips for Selecting a Granite Counter Top!

The legendary American architect, Louis Sullivan, held that “form ever follows function”. So this must be your mantra when selecting a granite top in your kitchen. This area has increasingly become the most popular space in the home and a place by which many homes are “judged,” if you will. So here we go with four tips for selecting a granite counter top in your kitchen.

  1. Is this a “to be cooked in” type of kitchen? If you intend to chop, pound, poor, boil, pare, broil and bake then you must think of the top in a certain way. Granite is really tough but not totally indestructible. So maybe a darker colored stone will ward off the inevitable spills and potential stains.
  2. What is the lighting plan for your kitchen? The amount of natural light that will be available in this space should bear directly on your granite selection. Even give some thought to the orientation of the area to the rising and setting sun. As a general rule, it stands to reason and logic that a better lit room will allow for the use of a darker stone. Naturally, the reverse is also most likely true.
  3. What is your cabinet plan? The color of wood composing your cabinets is an obvious consideration when selecting your granite. Also of real significance is the color of your pulls and knobs. Make sure you understand the design linkage here.
  4. What “movement” in the granite works for you? Typically, granite is highly granular presenting a small pebble type of visual. Alternatively, there are many stone colors that feature more of a flowing almost veined appearance. Check them both out.

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