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Harlequin Terracotta Tiles

Harlequin Terracotta Tiles

The harlequin shape in design, and Harlequin Terracotta Tiles, are well known  to all of us whether we know it or not. This familiarity begins with the classic idea of the Harlequin in the context of the arts. None other than dictionary.com says that this is  “a character in comedy and pantomime with a shaved head, masked face, variegated tights, and wooden sword”. See below….minus the sword.

Harlequin Terracotta Tiles Desing

Harlequin Terracotta Tiles
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Now, consider other definitions that focus on the shape, such as this one from the Collins Dictionary: “You use harlequin to describe something that has a lot of different colors, often in a diamond pattern.” Now that we have the terminology straight we can better tell the tale of Harlequin Terracotta Tiles.

Terracotta tiles are perfect for floors. You can finish terracotta tiles with a variety of sealers or waxes.  These finishes create the ultimate functional floors.  The beauty of terracotta tile is its ability to wear high traffic in most floor applications.  Terracotta tiles can also be glazed in many colors and many finishes.

The essence of this post is the combination of this vividly interesting shape rendered in the terracotta medium. Take a look at the image at the very top of our page here. Now imagine how this diamond shape can be taken into almost any design plan. Thanks for reading.  Contact us here.