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How Hard Is Tiling a Bathroom?

How Hard Is Tiling a Bathroom?

Have you ever considered doing the tile in your bathroom? If so you may have wondered just how difficult it may be to do the job on your one from start to finish. It can honestly be a tough decision to make, especially if you are not handy with tools. There are lots of factors to consider and you will need to look out for obstacles that can make “doing it yourself” a disaster.

To help make your decision easier, we have done the work to create a guide listing the pros and cons of doing your bathroom tiles yourself. We think that this information will allow you to make an informed decision. After you read through this guide you will know how hard it is to tile a bathroom and learn how to tile a bathroom yourself properly. Once you have this knowledge you will be ready to transform your bathroom into your dream space.


Gray slate look bathroom wall tiles


Advantages of a Tiler

There are many advantages of having a professional bathroom tiler. Naturally, most homeowners will turn to a professional for a streamlined and stress-free experience. A professional bathroom tiler knows how to tile and retile a bathroom and can do the work with little to no issues. The most significant advantages of hiring a professional include:


ceramic bathroom wall flooring



There is no denying that the easiest way to transform your bathroom is by hiring a professional. It is by far the biggest advantage of not doing the work yourself. By hiring a professional bathroom tiler you can cut out doing the research for things like “Is laying tile hard?” or “Is tiling a shower difficult?” and just leave the heavy lifting to them. Your tiler will likely have done hundreds of bathroom remodels so they will be able to help you determine the exact materials and methods needed for your bathroom.

A professional bathroom tiler can also assist with helping you make bigger decisions such as the best shade of grout to use or which shape tile will create the most vivid result in the space. Hiring a professional will make it easier for you to enjoy the transformation process and get the proper input needed to make your remodel a success.


white patterned cement look porcelain bathroom flooring tile


Peace of Mind

Having a professional bathroom tiler working in your home means you can (and should) expect a professional result. The finished product should reflect the skill and time of your chosen contractor. A knowledgeable bathroom tiler helps you avoid making many of the mistakes you may have encountered while trying to get through the process solo.

Another way that professional bathroom tilers make the process easier includes eliminating dangerous installation mistakes. Your tiler knows how hard it is to retile a bathroom so they can make sure your space gets the attention it deserves. Lastly a professional takes you out of harm’s way and allows you to have a stress-free transformation process.


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Do you want to renovate your bathroom and need knowledge of tiling for shower floor tiles? That’s the exact point where the issue of “knowledge and professionalism” comes in. The expertise of a professional bathroom tiler comes from having first-hand industry knowledge. This is beneficial because they can help you achieve your desired aesthetic, while also recommending techniques and products. Their knowledge will make it easier to get a custom result and add unique features.

You can also look forward to knowing that your bathroom tiler is using good-quality materials and tools. This is another way you can be assured that your remodel is being done right. You doing the work yourself may not get you the long-lasting outcome you desire. Professional help is a great way to get your new bathroom completed without all the hassle.

Tiling process

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Disadvantages of a Tiler

There are also disadvantages to hiring a tiler. However, these issues aren’t always avoidable if you need a professional to complete your bathroom retile.


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Your bathroom tiler can start your remodel at whichever time they choose. So you will be expected to work with them on a timeframe. You should be able to expect a professional to do the job faster than a DIY which may not always be the case.


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The costs associated with hiring a professional bathroom tiler are by far the biggest disadvantage according to most homeowners. You will be expected to pay for the cost of materials and labor, which are not cheap. If you have a larger bathroom you can expect to pay substantially more to have professionals remodel your space. It’s best to shop around and get recommendations from others before deciding on a contractor.


Tiler is tiling wall with white brick

Advantages of DIY

You Gain a New Skill

Learning how to tile a bathroom yourself is a great way to gain a set of skills. These things can be used to do additional projects around the home and are skills you can keep for the rest of your life. Learning how to retile a bathroom can also help you help others.

Marble tiling process

Saving Money

Learning how to cut out the middleman to get the job done is a huge advantage. Cutting the cost of a professional bathroom tiler is one of the best advantages for DIY-ers. Do-it-yourself tiling means you can only pay for the materials you need and move at your own pace to complete your bathroom transformation.

Disadvantages of DIY

While do-it-yourself tiling can be a great way to cut costs you need to know that there are possible downsides. If you are not doing the proper research you can run into many things that can go wrong. These missteps can potentially be detrimental to the process of causing issues further down the line. The following are some important disadvantages to avoid which include:

Lack of Experience

A lack of experience can be very costly if you decide to DIY retile your bathroom. An experienced DIYer may not have many issues getting the job done, but a novice DIYer may not have it so easy. A DIYer who is not used to taking on large projects may find it daunting and difficult. If you are not dedicated to learning how hard it is to retile a bathroom, you may not be ready to take on the work yourself.

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DIY Wrap-Up

The worst possible outcome to DIY bathroom tiling is that things don’t go as planned and you need to have professionals come in to correct issues. You also want to avoid serious injury so make sure you are considering all the pros and cons to retiling your bathroom and that you understand that tiling in showers may be difficult. Finding a good tile supplier option is also available in our blog, please check out for more!

If you still want to retile your bathroom yourself we encourage you to use this guide as a resource moving forward. If you’re interested in checking out tiles and looking for design inspiration we have a plethora of stunning options to explore. Stone Tile Depot wishes you happy remodeling!