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How Hexagon Tile Can Inspire Your Interior Design Ideas

As well as being able to offer a wide selection of tiles at affordable prices, Stone Tile Depot can also provide insight into interior design trends, including La Tinta Esagono Porcelain Tiles. This collection is representative of hexagon-style tiling. The range is the ideal fit for those focused on mosaics and geometry in the home or business and those searching for the perfect fit for the office.


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Amalfi Matte Porcelain Tile

Although many people want to avoid dated décor, there is no denying that the nostalgic influence is still alive in interior design. Fortunately, the designs created merely take influence from designs on the past and can offer something unique for the residential or commercial places, as made evidently by the Amalfi Matte Porcelain Tile.

The tile design infuses geometry and nostalgia into one bold and stylish design that can be used to create flooring that will make an impression and walls that will always draw attention.

Nero Matte Porcelain Tile

If you are keen to introduce a bold theme that is created via the use of hexagons, then the Nero Matte Porcelain Tiles should be part of your itinerary. The Nero Matte Porcelain Tiles are perfect to create sophisticated surroundings for social gatherings and to create a bathroom that has a sense of style without being overwhelming.


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Tartan Glaucous Matte Porcelain Tile

Tartan is another design that can come across as dated. Still, once again, Stone Tile Depot can offer a design that builds on a timeless aesthetic and combines with modern elements and colors to offer a truly unique design.


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The subtle use of greys identified in the Tartan Glaucous Matte Porcelain Tile allows for a style that, while premium, does not appear pretentious. As such, it is perfect for dining areas, living rooms, and anywhere else you feel an attention-grabbing design is needed.



Terra Di Siena Matte Porcelain Tile

Tuscany is located in Italy and offers many reds and oranges in both its architecture and decor. Thanks to the Terra Di Siena Matte Porcelain Tile, this inviting aesthetic can be replicated at home with ease. The alluring reds of Tuscany are mixed with a discreet but stylish grey to offer a perfect design for those wanting to make the most of the minimalist approach. The Italian influence can be complemented by the careful placement of fixtures, including chairs and rugs, giving you the freedom to design an abode that meets your requirements and budget.

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Blue Matte Porcelain Tile

Using blue in the home and office can offer benefits in abundance. As well as providing a calm and relaxing environment, blue has also been successful regarding mental health. Although color alone is not enough to create the perfect environment, it is a good start. Those wanting to make the best use of blue will wish for a floor tile that meets your requirements and is affordable.

Fortunately, the Blue Matte Porcelain Tile can meet both requirements while offering several other benefits. This subtle shade of blue is perfect for relaxation areas, be it the kitchen or a dedicated space in the home. Create a more vibrant and effective place of work will also find that blue can be the right foundation for a more proactive environment with less pressure.

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The options listed are merely an example of the innovative, affordable, and reliable tiles that can be purchased when shopping with Stone Tile Depot. Whether you want to breathe new life into the home or create a business environment that has people working in the right way, why not contact Stone Tile Depot to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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