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Marble Stone

Marble Stone practical Information:


Marble Stone is a Natural product of Mother Earth, mostly metamorphosed Limestone. By definition, it is the typical structure found on mother earth, especially in tectonic areas. It is the particular Limestone that changed its color and crystal structure due to high heat and pressure. Most popular marble colors are white, light grey, and beige marbles from Turkey and Italy.


Calacatta Gold and White Carrara are special Marble colors that are specific to Italy, Thassos, and Sivec are pure white color marbles quarried in Greece. Royal Cream, Diana Royal are some of the most popular beige colors. All the colors referred above are Marble Stones by physical content, White Carrara, Afyon White, Usak White, Turkish Carrara, Avenza products are the “Mother of Marble” name.

Marble Sizes

Stonetiledepot brings several colors of available marble tiles and mosaics in different exciting finishes. Marble Tile sizes range from small areas like 3” to 8”, medium sizes 12” to 18” and big sizes larger than 18 inches. They come with 3/8” to 5/8 inch thick, depending on the size of the material. The most common areas are 3X6 subway tiles used in Kitchen Backsplashes and bathroom walls, 12X12 tiles used in Kitchen and bathroom floors to 18X18, or 24X24 tiles used in Living rooms and large areas.

Marble Thickness

Marble mosaics usually come as 3/8 thick products and mesh-mounted for easy installation. Some special mosaics like slides, split face, and rock face comes in thicker and multiple thicknesses. Different marble tiles are combined with glass and slate pieces to make multi-color and multi finish mosaics. These mosaic tiles add another dimension and taste to already great looking natural stone mosaics and opens endless possibilities to combinations.

Marble Finishes

Marble, a natural stone, shows a lot of variations, which adds another dimension to its beauty. However, this variation can be challenging. For example, many vendors handle color variation in different ways. The most common practice is to specify the materials as lots and present different lots to customers for selection. If your project is a continuation/upgrade/replacement for an existing product, you need to share your sample stone with the vendors to specify the correct lots. If your accent materials like cabinets, appliances, wall colors require a specific tone, share it with your vendor. We at StoneTileDepot take color variation very seriously and keep an identical copy of your sampled product at our customer service department. The warehouse holds a copy of your order for lot number definitions.