marble vs granite

Marble vs. Granite

In the conversation of Marble vs Granite, there always comes a time when you realize a simple fact. The process of choosing between these two stone types is really an “art” and not strictly a “science”. So for today, let’s discuss the use of marble vs granite in the residential setting and leave commercial applications for another time.

Cons and Pros of Marble and Granite

The science is pretty simple.  Granite is classified as igneous rock; formed from the cooling of molten materials beneath the Earth’s outer skin.  Marble is metamorphic rock; created by changes under pressure to igneous and sedimentary stones. In general, granite is harder and denser than marble. However, this in and of itself does not make it any less useful as a residential stone. Let’s take a look at three typical residential uses for both stone types:

marble vs granite

Tops – In the kitchen area, granite is the more typical top. It is usually harder and denser than marble and will resist stains better but not totally. In the bath, marble is often a vanity top element, largely due to a slightly more fashion-forward feel and a somewhat less demanding environment.

Floors – A granite floor is more typical in the commercial arena than in the residential space. Granite floors may appear a bit too austere for the homeowner, while marble can present flowing visuals owing to veining and shading.

Wall Covering – Again, marble wall covering is more normal in residential spaces. The reasons why this is true are largely the same reasons that make it a reality for residential floors.

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In summary, the topic of this post, Marble vs Granite may be a little bit misleading. This question does not call for an absolute “either-or” decision. Instead, it is important to get great professional help in guiding you through the decision-making process. Use the right stone, in the right way, in the proper place and all will be well!

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