National Tile Day | Don't Miss Special Discounts for This Special Day

Don’t Miss National Tile Day Special Discount

National Tile Day is coming soon. If you wonder what is “National Tile Day”; you are not alone. It is fairly a new event that started in 2017. Despite its age, it became quite popular quickly. Coverings is the biggest organization related to natural stone and tile. This year’s Coverings will be held in New Orleans from April 20 to April 23. To increase awareness of natural stone tiles, “National Tile Day” was founded by Coverings.

National Tile Day

Since 2017, to celebrate National Tile Day, many tile stores have announced special offers and discounts. As Stone Tile Depot, we have a gift for our customers as well.



You can benefit from this awesome discount from February 21 to February 24. So hurry up to see timeless tile installation alternatives that will delight your senses. National Tile Day aims to inspire and encourage the architecture and design community through various tile patterns. Every year, with the advance of tile-cutting and designing technologies, we see surprisingly bold tile patterns.

Our tiles are directly from the factory to consumers. Therefore, it is no surprise that they have the durability and efficiency that you need in your tile installations. These sustainable tiles also have lower maintenance costs. They are versatile, durable, and long-lasting. Check our special clearance here.

Italian Carrara Honed

Our special discount comes with special tiles. This marvelous Italian Carrara marble is one of the many natural stones that you can benefit from.

As we said earlier, every year pattern trends change, thanks to creative minds and the technology that makes it possible. Last year, we saw many trends beyond the classic rectangles. Unexpected shapes like hexagons, different colors, and finishes were in the scene. Stone Tile Depot offers a variety of shapes and colors. From dark, earthy tones to white marbles with gray veining as you can see in Italian Carrara.

After this year’s highly anticipated Coverings Event, we’ll see more trends that will shape the tile market in 2020.