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Natural Stone Care Tips For Hygiene

Natural Stone Care became more important than ever, in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The term hygiene is now more relevant now, not just for personal hygiene, but for hygiene, in our general way of life because the virus thrives and spreads on unclean surfaces.

Easy to keep clean hygienic tile surfaces

In the same way, we are advised to clean our hands frequently with soap and water or a hand sanitizer gel is the same way we should clean our homes and work premises. Cleaning the floor tiles, and wiping kitchen countertops once or twice a day is highly recommended at this time in order to keep the virus at bay.

To do this without taking too much of your time and energy, you would need to have installed easy-to-keep-clean tiles, or you will end up breaking your back every day. Natural stone tiles are a good fit if you are looking for tiles that are easy to clean and disinfect. They also don`t trap dust and pet hair compared to carpets and other types of flooring materials, and that reduces your work rate by half.

How come natural stone tile flooring is hygienic and easy to clean?

Most natural stone tiles are waterproof

Natural Stone Care is very advantageous. When tiles absorb water, the surface becomes damp and you have to regularly wipe it to keep it dry. Any water spillage will require some form of wiping because once it has been absorbed it will affect the quality of air inside the room.

When you have tiles that have high water absorption resistance, any spilled water may even dry on its own after some time because none of it is absorbed underneath. Cleaning such a surface is usually very easy and will not take up a lot of your time.

Natural stone tiles do not crack easily

When cracks appear on tiles, they trap water and dirt. It becomes very hard to clean such a surface because normal mopping and vacuuming will not do the job. You will have to find a rag that is small enough to get in between the cracks and manually remove the trapped dirt and water, which is not an easy task.

natural stone care

Additionally, the cracks become a safe haven for mold and bacteria, and in the wake of the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is something that should be avoided at all costs. Moreover, if the trapped dirty water stays for a long time without being cleaned, it will start emitting a terrible odor and no one will want to stay in such a place.

Natural stone tiles are made from hard rock that doesn`t crack easily and you won`t ever have to break your back trying to clean what is underneath a cracked tile.

The tiles do not get easily stained or discolored

When tiles are easily stained, you have to spend a lot of time scrubbing surfaces with a brush in order to revert to the tile`s original color. However, natural stone tiles come with their original colors from the earth and it is hard to discolor what has taken thousands of years to form. They are thus very easy to clean and maintain. That is one of the reasons why natural stone care is easier than artificial tiles.

Artificial tiles will tend to discolor with time because what they have is something that was added to a factory, meaning the color is just on the outer surface. The more you wash and scrub, the more the tiles lose their color.

Natural stones tiles are not easily prone to dents and scratches

When something is made out of hard rock, no movement of furniture or pointed shoes will be enough to scratch its surface. This explains why ancient palaces had natural stone tiles on the walkways.

The tiles can last for years and still look as good as new, and this could only mean one thing:  You don’t need to make high maintenance work on your natural stone tiles.

They don`t trap dust and pet hair

The texture of natural stone tiles doesn`t allow the trapping of animal hair. Furthermore, each piece of tile is a single unit in its original shape and form. This, therefore, means that there are no corners where dust and pet hair can accumulate, not unless the tile was purchased with blemishes or it was not installed properly.

Regular sweeping will be enough to get rid of any dust or animal hair on the tile surface, without consuming much of your time and energy.

A note from Stone Tile Depot: 

Natural stone tiles are worth every bit of the investment. First of all, they are naturally beautiful; the kind of beauty that has taken millions of years to form. Secondly, they are highly durable. Last but not least, they are low maintenance tiles.

For full natural stone care, and maintenance of our tile for tile walls and floors then check out our stone care advice here.