Natural Stone Herringbone Patterns

Natural Stone Herringbone Patterns

Natural Stone Herringbone Patterns are a very obvious extension of the herringbone pattern in general. In fact, among certain historians the first use of a herringbone pattern, in any sense, was in Ancient Rome.This is not a surprise, given the overall cultural contribution of, both good and bad, to Western Civilization. Supposedly, the pattern allowed for weight distribution under heavy compaction.

Well, back to present day, Perhaps another great example in mainstream life is the herringbone pattern in fabrics, as shown below.

Herringbone Weave

We have taken the opportunity to show two of our discounted Natural Stone Herringbone Patterns. At the very top is Afyon Gray Polished.

Natural Stone Herringbone Patterns
Silver Shadow Polished.

In terms of interior design, the herringbone pattern is a part of a more global use of patterns in general. The esteemed Rafiq Elmansy has this to say about pattern in design: “patterns can have multiple meanings and elements in design. Repetition focuses on the same object being repeated; patterns are made up from different components which are then repeated in the same way throughout the design. A seamless pattern is one that flows throughout without flaw in the beginning or end: the entire pattern is a single, coherent unit. This approach to design becomes especially important when thinking about designs which incorporate significant amounts of color, texture or depth.” Read that a second time, carefully, and it will begin to sink in a bit at a time.

Well, the herringbone pattern is cool to play with and we are here to help. Thanks for reading.